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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 36 (1982)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Corrections to Bulletin 35. 1.
WSG Meeting 1983. 1.
Annual General Meeting and Conference, Durham, U.K., 23-24 October 1982. 1.
New Subscription Rates. 1.
The Survey of Breeding Waders on Scottish Agricultural Land. 2.
Hector Galbraith, Bob Fumess
Biometrics of Breeding Dunlins Calidris Alpina From South Uist. 2-3.
Brian Etheridge, Wliam G. Taylor
Breeding Dunlins on a South Uist Machairmeadow in 1982. 4-5.
Brian Etheridge, Bill Taylor
10-Year Agricultural Plan for Shetland. 6.
J. D. Okill
WSG Project on the Movements of Wader Populations in Western Europe: Seventh Progress Report. 6-7.
M. W. Plenkowski, Am Plenkowski
The Birds of Estuaries Enquiry. 7-8.
Mike Moser
Wader Study Group Project on the Effects of Severe Weather on Waders. 8.
N. C. Davidson, N. A. Clark
Increases in Wader Mortality at Dected From Ringing Recoveries. 9.
N. C. Davidson
Spring Passage of Sanderlings Caldrisalba on the Solway Firth. 10-11.
N. A. Clark, B. S. Turner, J. F. Young
Netherlands Wader Expedition to Morocco 1982 - Some Preliminary Results. 12-14.
Nelly Von Brederode, Marcel Kerstea, Theunlsr Plersnw, Piet Zegers
Notes on Disabled Waders in East Asia. 14-15.
David S. Melville
The Wintering of Shorebirds in Iceland. 16-19.
J. R. Wilson
Breeding Waders in the Somme Estuary Area France. 22.
Francois Siieur
Ringing Totals. 22.
Ringing Totals for the Period June to September 1982. 23.
Recent Publications on Waders. 24-28.
Theunis Piersma
Recent Recoveries of Waders Ringed in Britain and Ireland. 29-31.
Nigel Clark, Jacquie Clark
Ornithological Odes. 31.
List of Members - Changes Since Bulletin 35. 32.

North American Section No. 12

Abstract of Shorbird Paper at the Meeting of the Werican Ornithologists Union, Chicago, October 1982. 20.
Notice. 20.
Important Notice to All Members Living in Canada and the United States. 20.
Are Wader Flocks Random Groupings? - a Knotty Problem. 20-21.

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