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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 35 (1982)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Annual General Meeting of the Wader Study Group: Durham, U.K., 23 October 1982. 1-3.
Wader Study Group Annual Meeting and Conference: Durham, U.K., 22-24 October 1982. 3.
Other Notices. 4.
Outer Hebrides - Threat to Breeding Waders. 5.
C. J. Cadbury, S. Housden
Breeding Waders of the Outer Hebrides. 5.
G. H. Green
Preliminary Estimates of the Number of Waders Wintering in the Outer Hebrides Scotland. 6-7.
N. E. Buxton
WSG Project on Movements of Wader Populations in Western Europe: Sixth Progress Report. 8.
M. W. Pienkowski, Ann Pienkowski
The Effects of Severe Weather on Waders: Guidelines for the Collection of Data and Announcement of Wader Study Group Project. 9-11.
Nick Davidson, Nigel Clark
Leg Cramp and Endoparasites. 11.
David S. Melville
Inland Wader Counts - Second Progress Report. 11-13.
Oag Muster
Wader and Waterfowl Counts in the International Wadden Sea Area: the Results of the 1981-82 Season. 14-19.
Cor Smit
Current Colour-Marking Schemes. 19.
Recent Recoveries of Waders Ringed in Britain and Ireland. 20-23.
N. Clark, J. Clark
Weight-Watchers of the World Unite: You Have Nothing to Lose But Poor Data. 23-25.
J. Wilson, N. C. Davidson
Waders in the Gulf of Arta, Nw Greece, in April 1982. 26-27.
Meinte Englemoer, Joke Bloksma
Ringing Totals for the Period February to May 1982. 28.
Recent Publications on Waders. 35-38.
Theunis Piersma
Reviews. 38-39.
Nick Davidson, W. J. A. Dick
List of Members - Changes Since Bulletin 34. 40.

North American Section No. 11

Mejia Lagoon: Gone, But Perhaps Not Forever. 29.
J. P. Myers
Symposium on the Dynamics of Turbid Coast Environments, 24 September - 1 October 1981, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. 29.
P. N. Ferns
Geographic Variation in Predator-Mobbing Behavior - a Hypothesis. 30.
Brian J. Mccaffery
Correction to Bulletin 34. 30.
Abstracts of Papers Given at Meetings. 31.
Aerial Surveys in Delaware Bay: Confirming An Enormous Spring Staging Area for Shorebirds. 32-33.
Pete Dunne, David Sibley, Clay Sutton, Wade Wander
Holarctic Waders Observed at Tierra Del Fuego, November 1977. 34.
A. J. Williams, S. Pringle

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