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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 33 (1981)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Breeding Waders of Scottish Agricultural Land. 1.
Worcester, England, 29 October 1981. 1.
G. H. Green
Wader Study Group Treasurer. 1.
Corrections to Bulletin 32. 2.
Reprinting of Back Numbes of WSG Bulletins. 2.
Bto/Rspb Survey of Breeding Waders of Wet Meadows. 2.
K. Smith
Other Notices. 2-3.
Minutes of the Wader Study Group Annual Meeting Held at Munster, Federal Republic of Germany, on 13 September 1981. 3.
South-Eastern Autumn Migration of Dunlins Calidris Alpna From the Baltic Area. 4-5.
Jodwiga Gromadzka
Inland Wader Counts- Progress Report. 5.
Oag Munster
Estimates of the Duration of the Primary Moult of the Redshank. 5.
R. W. Summers
Final Comments on the Spring Migration of Waders Through Britain in 1979. 6-10.
P. N. Ferns
Food of a Jack Snipe. 10.
Bernard Zonfrillo
Estmating Pre-Fledging Mortality From Ringing Data: a Proposal. 11.
Barry J. Yates
WSG Meeting, Munster, 12-13 September 1981, and Wader Catching in North Friesland. 11.
David Melville
Censusing Breeding Waders on Agricultural Land in Scotland. 12-13.
Hector Golbraith, Robert W. Furness
Aspects of Counting Lapwings and Curlews Breeding on Lowland Grasslands. 14-16.
R. J. Fuller
WSG Project on Movements of Wader Populations in Western Europe: Fourth Progress Report. 17.
Ann Pienkowski, M. W. Pienkowski
Spring Measurements, Weghts and Plumage Status of Calidris Ruficollis and C. Ferruginea in Hong Kong. 18-21.
David S. Melville
Current Colour-Marking Schemes. 22-25.
Aspects of Overland Wader Migratun in Autumn at a Reservoir in Southern Scotland. 25-27.
Tom W. Dougall
Recent Recoveries of Waders Ringed in Britain and Ireland. 28-31.
N. Clark, J. Clark
Reviews. 46.
Hector Galbraith
Recent Publications on Waders. 47-50.
Theunis Piersma
Ringing Totals for the Period June to September 1981. 50-51.
List of Members - Changes Since Bulletin 32. 52.

North American Section No. 9

Announcements. 32.
Partial Postjuvenile Wing Moult of the Semipalmated Sandpiper Calidris Pusilla. 33-37.
C. L. Gratto, R. I. G. Morrison
Hatching Success of Yearling and Older Breeders in the Semipalmated Sandpiper Calidris Pusilla. 37-38.
C. L. Gratto, F. Cooke, R. I. G. Morrison
Abstracts of Papers on Shorebirds Presented at Meetings. 39-42.
Editorial. 43.
Food Supples and the Phenology of Migratory Shorebirds: a Hypothesis. 43-45.
David C. Schneider

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