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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 31 (1981)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


. 2.
Notice of Wader Study Group Annual General Meeting, West Germany 12 September 1981. 2.
WSG Autumn Meeting, 12-13 September 1981. 2-3.
Notices. 3-4.
Breeding Waders of Scottish Agricultural Land. 4.
H. Galbraith, R. W. Furness
Minutes of the Wader Study Group Annual General Meeting, Uttoxeter 1 November 1980. 5-6.
WSG Annual General Meeting - Discussion Sessions. 6.
Informal Meeting 10 January 1981. 6.
Implications of the Severn Barrage. 7.
P. N. Ferns
Purple Sandpipers Calidris Maritima in Eastern Scotland. 7.
R. W. Summers
Numbers of Oystercatchers and Cockles on the Ribble. 7.
W. Sutherland
Nest-Site Selection in Riverside-Nesting Oystercatchers Haematopus Ostralegus. 8.
K. B. Briggs
A Survey of Breeding Waders and Wildfowl in Caithness. 9.
Froser L. Symonds
Dunlin on the Severn Estuary, England. 10.
N. A. Clark
Inland Vader Counts. 10.
Oag Munster
Current Colour Marking Schemes. 11-14.
Use of Data in WSG Archives. 14.
Ringing Totals for the Period October 1980 to January 1981. 15.
WSG Project on Movements of Wader Populations in Western Europe: Second Progress Report. 16-17.
M. W. Pienkowski, Ann Pienkowski
The Conservation of Intertidal Areas in Britain. 18-22.
Derek R. Langslow
Wader Study Group Data Forms: Second Additions. 22.
Michael Pienkowski
Why Catch Waders in Cold Weather?. 23-24.
P. R. Evans
Preliminary Survey of the Archipel Des Bijagos, Guinea-Bissau. 24-25.
Olivier Fournier, William Dick
Wader Research in the Delta of the Southwest Netherlands. 26-28.
Henk Baptist, Patrick Meire
Identifying Colour-Ringed Oystercatchers Haematopus Ostralegus. 28-29.
Bruno Ens
Waders of Reservoirs in South-Western Poland. 30-31.
Wojciech Grabinski, Tadeusz Stararczyk
Autumn Counts of Widers at Some Wetlands in South and East of Spain. 32-34.
F. Llimona, A. Martinez, A. Motis, E. Matheu
Random Distribution of Birds in Flocks: Significance Testing. 35.
J. J. D. Greenwood
The Spring Migration of Turnstones Through Britain in 1979. 36-40.
P. N. Ferns
Review. 52.
P. N. Ferns
Recent Publications on Waders. 53-54.
N. C. Davidson
Wader Study Group List of Members 31 December 1980. 55-60.

North American Section No. 8

Announcements. 41.
Predator-Mobbing Behaviour in the Shorebirds of North America. 41-44.
Tex A. Sordahl
Wintering Behaviour and Site Faithfulness of American Golden Plovers Pluvialis Dominica Fulva in Hawaii. 44.
Oscar W. Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Philip Bruner
The Use of Roofs By American Golden Plovers Pluvialis Dominica Fulva Wintering on Oahu, Hawaiian Islands. 45-46.
Oscar W. Johnson, Robert M. Nakamura
Some Notes on Seasonal Fluctuations in the Weight of Dunlin Calidris Alpina on the Fraser River Delta, British Columbia. 46-48.
G. W. Kaiser, M. Gillingham
Distribution and Ecology of Shorebirds in Alaskas Coastal Zone: a Review of Studies in the Outer Continental Shelf Environmental Assessment Program. 48-51.
Peter G. Connors

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