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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 30 (1980)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


WSG Autumn Meeting at Denstone College, Uttoxeter. 2.
WSG Autumn Meeting 1981. 2.
Fifth Meeting on Feeding Ecology and Behaviour of Coastal Birds. 2.
Change of Secretary. 2.
Subscriptions for 1981. 2.
Other Notices. 3.
Continuing Requests for Information Or Material. 3-4.
Current Colour Marking Schemes for Waders. 4.
Proposed Survey of the Breeding Waders of Scottish Straths and Glens. 5.
H. Galbraith, R. W. Furness
Breeding Waders of Lowland Pastureland in Britain. 5.
G. H. Green
Bto Survey of Breeding Waders on Wet Meadows. 6.
R. J. Fuller
List of Members - Changes Since Bulletin 29. 6.
WSG Project on Movements of Wader Populations in Western Europe: First Progress Report. 7-9.
M. W. Pienkowski, Ann Pienkowski
Wader Study Group Data Forms: First Additions. 10.
Michael W. Pienkowski
Common Sandpipers in the Peak District. 10-11.
P. K. Holland
Cme Night at Munster - Through British Eyes. 11.
J. M. Mcmeeking
Unbending Moult Data. 12-13.
R. W. Summers, R. L. Swann, M. Nicoll
Spring Counts of Waders at Coastal Wetlands in Southern Spain. 14-16.
Patrick J. Dugan
Impressions on a Tropical Mudflat. 16.
R. W. Summers
Durham University Expedition to Sidi Moussa, Morocco - September 1980. 17.
Editorial: Sanderling Studies. 18.
Studies on Sanderling at Teesmouth. Ne England. 18-20.
P. R. Evans, D. M. Brearey, L. R. Goodyer
Winter Nutritional Condition of Sanderling in North-East Britain. 20-21.
N. C. Davidson
The Spring Migration of Sanderlings Calidris Alba Through Britain in 1979. 22-25.
Recent Publicaticns on Waders. 38-41.
Recent Recoveries of Waders Ringed in Britain and Ireland. 41-43.
Ringing Totals for the Period June to September 1980. 43-44.

North American Section No. 7

Announcements. 26.
Sanderlings Calidris Alba at Bodega Bay: Facts, Inferences and Shameless Speculations. 26-32.
J. P. Myers
Breeding Schedule, Clutch Size and Egg Size of American Oystercatchers Haematopus Palliatus in Virginia. 32-33.
Allan J. Baker, Cadman Michael
Joint Services Expedition to Princess Marie Bay, Ellesmere Island, 1980: Preliminary Report. 34-35.
B. Witts, R. I. G. Morrison
Abstracts of Papers on Shorebird Topics Presented at the Meeting of the American Ornithologists Union at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, 11-15 August 1980. 36-37.

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