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Wader Study Group Bulletin, Number 26 (1979)

Wader Study Group Bulletin


Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of the Wader Study Group. 2.
Subscriptions and the Future of the Bulletin. 2.
Constitution. 3.
Autumn Meeting. 3-4.
Other Notices. 4.
Requests for Information. 5.
Current Colour Marking Schemes. 5-6.
Spring Passage of Dunlins, Sanderlings, Ringed Plovers and Turnstones Through Britain - Progress Report. 6-7.
P. N. Ferns
Spring Passage of Siberian Knot - Interim Report. 7.
William J. A. Dick
Recent Recoveries of Waders Ringed in Britain and Ireland. 8-9.
A. J. Prater
Catching Waders With a Wilsternet. 10-12.
Klaas Koopman, Jan B. Hulscher
Ringing Totals. 13.
Weight Loss of Dunlins Calidris Alpina While Being Kept After Capture. 14.
Clare S. Lloyd, M. W. Pienkowski, C. D. T. Minton
Decline in the Condition of Redshank During the Winter. 15.
N. C. Davidson
Wader Counts in Denmark 1978. 16-18.
Hans Meltofte
Permanent Leg Flags. 18.
Nigel A. Clark
Introductory Statistics 3. 19-22.
Jeremy J. D. Greenwood
Fourth Meeting on the Ecology of Shore-Birds. 23-31.
An Inland Flock of Curlews Numenius Arquata in Mid-Cheshire, England. 31-35.
Dennis Elphick
Red Alert. 45.
P. R. Evans
Recent Publications on Waders. 46-47.
Greenland Ringed Plover Copenhagen 8160408 at the Solway, Scotland. 47.
G. H. Green
List of Members - Changes Since Bulletin 25. 47-48.

North American Section No. 3

Announcements. 36.
Preliminary Profile of North American Membership. 36-37.
Marshall A. Howe
National Geographic Mini-Expedition to Surinam, 1978. 37-41.
R. I. G. Morrison, A. L. Spaans
Methods and Preliminary Results for Experimental Studies of Foraging in Shorebirds. 41-43.
J. P. Myers, S. L. Williams, F. A. Pitelka
Flight Displays of Least Sandpiper. 44-45.
E. H. Miller

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