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Ornitología Neotropical, Volume 17, Number 3 (2006)

Ornitologia Neotropical


Breeding Biology of the Green-Fronted Lancebill (Doryfera Ludovicae) in Eastern Eduador. 321-332.
Harold F. Greeney, Robert C. Dobbs, Galo I. C. Diaz, Scott Keer and Jill G. Hayhurst
Birds of the Sibun Riverine Forest, Belize. 333-352.
Victoria D. Piaskowski, Mario Teul, Kari M. Williams and Reynold N. Cal
Feeding Habits of the Barn Owl (Tyto Alba) Along a Longitudinal-Latitudinal Gradient in Central Argentina. 353-362.
Lucas M. Leveau, Pablo Teta, Rodolfo Bogdaschewski and Ulyses F. J. Pardinas
Locomotion Behavior of the Lettered Aracari (Pteroglossus Inscriptus) (Ramphastidae). 363-372.
Elisabeth Hofling, Anick Abourachid and Sabine Renous
Diet of the Rusty-Margined Guan (Penelope Superciliaris) in an Altitudinal Forest Fragment of Southeastern Brazil. 373-382.
William Zaca, Wesley Rodrigues Silva and Fernando Pedroni
Coexistence of Resident and Migratory Catharus Thrushes in a Montane Forest Reserve of the Northern Neotropics: on Habitat Use and Morphology. 383-394.
Matthew Hiron, J. Luis Rangel-Salazar and Bent Christensen
Nesting Biology of the Long-Wattled Umbrellabird (Cephalopterus Penduliger). Part I. Incubation. 395-401.
Harold F. Greeney, Andrew McLean, Amelie D. L. Bucker, Rudolphe A. Gelis, Darwin Cabrera and Francisco Sornoza
Observations on the Vervain Hummingbirdsas (Mellisuga Minima) Display Dive and Territorial Behavior. 403-408.
Christopher James Clark
Sexing Monochromatic Birds in the Field: Cryptic Sexual Size Dimorphism in Buff-Breasted Wrens (Thryothorus Leucotis). 409-418.
Sharon A. Gill and Maarten J. Vonhof
Bird Species Composition and Diversity At Middle Argentinean Coast of La Plata River. 419-432.
Juan Pablo Isacch, Claudio Fabian Perez and Oscar Osvaldo Iribarne
Book Reviews 473-476.
News -- Noticias 477-480.

Short Communications

A 10,000 Mississippi Kite Flock Observed in Fuerte Esperanza, Argentina. 433-438.
Juan I. Areta and Sergio H. Seipke
Crest Display and Copulation in the Royal Flycatcher (Onychorhynchus Coronatus). 439-440.
Leonardo Chaves
Presas Del Aacurutu (Bubo Virginianus) En El Bajo Delta Del Rao Parana (Buenos Aires, Argentina). 441-444.
Pablo Teta, Silvina Malzof, Ruben Quintana and Javier Pereira
Noteworthy Observations of the Birds of Falcan State, Northwestern Venezuela. 445-452.
Adrian B. Azpiroz and Adriana Rodriguez-Ferraro
First Observations of Incubation Behavior For the Stripebreasted Wren (Thryothorus Thoracius). 453-456.
Thor Hanson
Status and Distribution of the House Sparrow (Passer Domesticus) in Venezuela. 457-460.
Adrian Azpiroz, David Ascanio, Robin Restall, Alejandro Soto, Carlos Bosque and Adriana Rodriguez-Ferraro
Incubation Behavior of the Peruvian Antpitta (Grallaricula Peruviana). 461-466.
Harold F. Greeney
Diet of the Chilean Tinamou (Nothoprocta Perdicaria) in South Central Chile. 467-472.
Daniel Gonzalez-Acuna, Paulo Riquelme Salazar, Jose Cruzatt Molina, Patricio Lopez Sepulveda, Oscar Skewes Ramm and Ricardo A. Figueroa R.

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