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The Auk, Volume 8, Number 1 (1891)



A Study of Florida Gallinules With Some Notes on a Nest Found At Cambridge Massachusetts.. 1-7.
William Brewster.
A List of Birds From Northeast Borneo With Field Notes By Mr. C. F. Adams.. 7-16.
D. G. Elliot.
The Habits of the Golden Plover (Charadrius Dominicus) In Massachusetts. 17-24.
George H. Mackay.
A List of Birds Observed At Santarem Brazil. 24-31.
Clarence B. Riker.
Some Bird Songs. 32-37.
Simeon Pease Cheney.
On the West Indian Species of the Genus Certhiola or C[Oe]Reba. 37-41.
Charles B. Cory.
Notes on West Indian Birds. 41-46.
Charles B. Cory.
A Collection of Birds Taken By Cyrus S Winch In the Islands of Anguilla Antigua and St. Eustatius West Indies During April May June and a Part of July 1890.. 46-47.
Charles B. Cory.
A List of the Birds Collected In the Islands of St. Croix and St. Kitts West Indies During March and April and In Guadeloupe During August September and October 1890.. 47-49.
Charles B. Cory.
A Further Review of the Avian Fauna of Chester County South Carolina. 49-59.
Leverett M. Loomis.
Description of a New Subspecies of Cypselid[Ae] of the Genus Ch[Ae]Tura With a Note on the Diablotin. 59-62.
George N. Lawrence.
Description of a New Species of Ramphocelus From Costa Rica. 62-64.
George K. Cherrie.
The Birds of Andros Island Bahamas. 64-80.
John I. Northrop.
Eighth Congress of the American Ornithologists Union. 80-83.
Third Supplement To the American Ornithologists Union Check-List of North American Birds. 83-90.
Notes and News. 120-124.

General Notes

Second Occurrence of the White-Faced Glossy Ibis (Plegadis Guarauna) In Kansas. 112.
N. S. Goss.
BarrowS Golden-Eye (Glaucionetta Islandica) Near Washington D.C.. 112.
Charles W. Richmond.
Anas Crecca In Connecticut. 112.
Willard E. Treat.
Phalaropes At Swampscott Massachusetts. 112-113.
W. A. Jeffries.
Golden Eagle At Shelter Island New York. 113.
W. W. Worthington.
Falco Dominicensis Gmel. Versus Falco Sparverioides Vig.. 113-114.
Robert Rideway.
Coccyzus Americanus Breeding At Ottawa. 114.
Geo R. White.
American Barn Owl (Strix Pratincola)On Long Island N. Y.. 114.
Frank E. Johnson.
A New Name Necessary For Selasphorus Floresii Gould. 114.
Robert Ridgeway.
Strix Pratincola Again Near Troy N. Y.. 114.
Austin F. Park.
Note on the Alleged Occurrence of Trochilus Heloisa (Less. & De Latt.) Within North American Limits. 115.
Robert Ridgway.
Scenop[Oe]Etes Dentirostris. 115.
Elliott Coues.
Ammodramus Caudacutus Nelsoni and A.C. Subvirgatus In Connecticut. 115.
Jno H. Sage.
Note on Junco Hyemalis Thurberi Anthony. 115-116.
Frank M. Chapman.
Correction. 116.
N. S. Goss.
Breeding of Dendroica Maculosa In Western Pennsylvania. 116.
W. E. Clyde Todd.
Black-Throated Bunting (Spiza Americana) on Long Island N.Y.. 116.
Frank E. Johnson.
The Mockingbird At Springfield Massachusetts. 117.
Robert O. Morris.
Note on Copsychus Adamsi--Correction. 117.
D. G. Elliot.
Further Cape Cod Notes. 117-120.
G. S. Miller Jr.
Uncommon Birds For Nantucket Island Massachusetts. 120.
George H. Mackay.

Recent Literature

SharpeS Catalogue of the Sturniformes. 90-92.
J. A. Allen.
HargittS Catalogue of the Woodpeckers. 92-95.
J. A. Allen.
MerriamS Results of a Biological Survey of the San Francisco Mountain Region and Desert of the Little Colorado Arizona. 95-98.
J. A. Allen.
SeebohmS Birds of the Japanese Empire. 99-101.
L. Stejneger.
WarrenS Revised Report on the Birds of Pennsylvania. 101-103.
C. F. B.
BeldingS Land Birds of the Pacific District.. 104.
C. F. B.
A Catalogue of the Birds of New Jersey. 104-105.
F. M. C.
RivesS Catalogue of the Birds of the Virginias. 105-106.
C. F. B.
Minor Ornithological Publications. 106-110.
C. F. B.
Publications Received. 110-111.
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