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Ornitología Neotropical, Volume 15, Supplement

Ornitología Neotropical


Viith Neotropical Ornithological Congress, Puyehue, Chile, 5-11 October 2003: Report of the President and the Secretary General. 1-34.
Franacois Vuilleumier and Luis A. Espinosa
Bylaws of the Neotropical Ornithological Society (Approved 1 April 2004). 35-40.
Contents, Continued 485-487.
Author Index 488.

Plenary Lectures

A Critique of Neotropical Ornithology: Is Research on Neotropical Birds Scientific? 41-60.
Francois Vuilleumier
El Niao Effects on Avian Ecology: Lessons Learned from the Southeastern Pacific. 61-72.
Fabian M. Jaksic
Recent Anatomical Studies on Neotropical Birds. 73-82.
Elisabeth Hofling
Raptor Migration in the Neotropics: Patterns, Processes, and Consequences. 83-100.
Keith L. Bildstein
The Closest Relatives of Birds. 101-116.
Luis M. Chiappe

Symposium Papers

Frugivory and Habitat Use By Fruit-Eating Birds in a Fragmented Landscape of Southeast Brazil. 117-126.
Marco A. Pizo
Inter-Scale Relationship Between Species Richness and Environmental Heterogeneity: a Study Case With Antbirds in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. 127-136.
Renata Duraes and Bette A. Loiselle
Effects of Fragmentation on the Bird Guilds of the Atlantic Forest in North Parana, Southern Brazil. 137-144.
Luiz dos Anjos, Lorenzo Zanette and Edson Varga Lopes
Extincian, Historia Natural Y Conservacian De Las Poblaciones Del Yetapa De Collar (Alectrurus Risora) En La Argentina. 145-158.
Adrian S. Di Giacomo and Alejandro G. Di Giacomo
Pastizales Templados Del Sur De America Del Sur Como Habitat De Aves Playeras Migratorias. 159-168.
Daniel E. Blanco, Richard B. Lanctot, Juan Pablo Isacch and Verena A. Gill
Genetical Analysis of Wood Stork (Mycteria Americana) Populations Using Nuclear and Mitochondrial Dna Markers. 169-174.
Iara Freitas Lopes, Cristiano Dosualdo Rocha and Silvia Nassif Del Lama
The Mexican Bird Red List and Changes Needed At the Global Level. 175-182.
Patricia Escalante and Veronica Nequitz
Interacciones Planta-Colibra En Tres Comunidades Vegetales De La Parte Suroriental Del Parque Nacional Natural Chiribiquete, Colombia. 183-190.
Liliana Rosero Lasprilla and Marlies Sazima
Phylogenetic Constraints Upon Morphological and Ecological Adaptation in Hummingbirds (Trochilidae): Why Are There No Hermits in the Paramo? 191-198.
F. Gary Stiles
Risks and Costs of Interactions Between Plants and Hummingbirds. 199-204.
Carlos Lara
Dinamica Anual De La Interaccian Colibra-Flor En Ecosistemas Altoandinos. 205-214.
Aquiles Gutierrez Z., Sandra Victoria Rojas-Nossa and F. Gary Stiles
Sistema Visual En El Colibra Austral (Sephanoides Sephanoides) Y El Picaflor Cordillerano (Oreotrochilus Leucopleurus): Electrorretinografia Y Coloracian. 215-222.
Gonzalo Herrera, Maria Jose Fernandez, Nelida Pohl, Marcelo Diaz, Francisco Bozinovic and Adrian Palacios
Actividad Nocturna Y Visian En Aves Playeras De La Regian Neotropical. 223-232.
Raymond McNeil, Luz Marina Rojas, Gedio Marin and Yleana Maria Ramirez Figueroa
Binocular Vision and Nocturnal Activity in Oilbirds (Steatornis Caripensis) and Pauraques (Nyctidromus Albicollis): Caprimulgiformes. 233-242.
Graham R. Martin, Luz Marina Rojas, Yleana Maria Ramirez Figueroa and Raymond McNeil
Eye Design in Birds and Visual Constraints on Behavior. 243-250.
R. J. Thomas, D. J. Kelly and N. M. Goodship
Capacidad Visual En Caprimulgiformes. 251-260.
Luz Marina Rojas, Yleana M. Ramirez F., Gedio Marin and Raymond McNeil
Migration Patterns of Mississippi Kites (Ictinia Mississippiensis) in the Eastern Lowlands of Bolivia. 261-266.
Cristian Olivo
New Full-Season Count Sites For Raptor Migration in Talamanca, Costa Rica. 267-678.
Pablo Porras-Penaranda, Luc Robichaud and Frederic Branch
Management and Conservation of the Large Macaws in the Wild. 279-284.
Neiva Maria Robaldo Guedes
Pigmentation Characters: an Example of Sankoff Characters from Tinamou Phylogeny. 285-292.
Sara Bertelli
Tinamou (Tinamidae) Systematics: a Preliminary Combined Analysis of Morphology and Molecules. 293-300.
Sara Bertelli and Ana Luz Porzecanski
Tinamous and Agriculture: Lessons Learned from the Galliformes. 301-308.
Jeffrey J. Thompson
Impact of Agriculture and Grazing on Pale-Spotted (Nothura Daewinii) and Andean (Nothoprocta Pentlandii) Tinamous in the Lerma Valley, Salta Province, Argentina. 309-316.
Sergio G. Mosa
Research and Conservation of Forest-Dependent Tinamou Species in Amazonia, Peru. 317-322.
Wendy M. Schelsky
Resource Separation in a Napo-Amazonian Tinamou Community. 323-328.
Daniel M. Brooks, Lucio Pando-Vasquez, Angel Ocmin-Petit and Juan Tejada-Renjifo
Techniques For Studying the Behavioral Ecology of Forestdwelling Tinamous (Tinamidae). 329-338.
Patricia L. R. Brennan
Los Primeros Resultados De La Crianza Experimental En Cautiverio De La Pisacca (Nothoprocta Ornata) En Dos Comunidades Rurales Del Altiplano Boliviano. 339-348.
Alvaro Garitano-Zavala, Juan Carlos Lozano, Paola Gismondi, Miguel Molina, Claudia Flores, GualbertoCondori, Simon Vargas, Pablo Vargas, Celedonio Condori, Seferina Huallapara and Genaro Alanoca
Austral Migration in Colombia: the State of Knowledge, and Suggestions For Action. 349-356.
F. Gary Stiles
Tendencias Poblacionales Del Playero Rojizo (Calidris Canutus Rufa) En El Sur De Sudamerica. 357-366.
Patricia M. Gonzalez, Mirta Carbajal, R. I. Guy Morrison and Allan J. Baker
Assessing Habitat Availability and Use By Buff-Breasted Sandpipers (Tryngites Subruficollis) Wintering in South America. 367-376.
Richard B. Lanctot, Daniel E. Blanco, Martin Oesterheld, Rodrigo A. Balbueno, Juan P. Guerschman and Gervasio Pineiro
Using Stable Isotopes to Associate Migratory Shorebirds With Their Wintering Localities in Argentina. 377-384.
Adrian Farmer, Monica Abril, Mariano Fernandez, Julian Torres, Cynthia Kester and Carleton Bern
Tropical and Subtropical Western Sandpipers (Calidris Mauri) Differ in Life History Strategies. 385-394.
Guillermo Fernandez, Patrick D. O
Etno-Ornitologaa Yagan Y Lafkenche En Los Bosques Templados De Sudamerica Austral. 395-408.
Francisca Massardo and Ricardo Rozzi
El Picaflor De La Gente (Sotar Condi). 409-418.
Victoria Castro
Una Elto-Ornitologaa Mapuche Contemporanea: Poemas Alados De Los Bosques Nativos De Chile. 419-434.
Lorenzo Aillapan and Ricardo Rozzi
Implicaciones Eticas De Narrativas Yaganes Y Mapuches Sobre Las Aves De Los Bosques Templados De Sudamerica Austral. 435-444.
Ricardo Rozzi
La Convencian De Ramsar Y Las Aves Acuaticas En El Neotrapico. 445-454.
Ivan Dario Valencia Rodriguez
Open- and Cavity-Nesting Traits Merge in the Evolution of an Avian Supertramp, the Pearly-Eyed Thrasher (Margarops Fuscatus). 455-466.
Wayne J. Arendt
Nest Management For the Puerto Rican Parrot (Amazona Vittata): Gaining the Technological Edge. 467-476.
Thomas H. White, Jr. and Francisco J. Vilella
Cavity Nesting in Raptors of Tikal National Park and Vicinity, Peten, Guatemala. 477-484.
Richard P. Gerhardt

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