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Ornitología Neotropical, Volume 15, Number 4 (2004)

Ornitología Neotropical


Elevational Movements of Large Frugivorous Birds and Temporal Variation in Abundance of Fruits Along an Elevational Gradient. 433-446.
Johel Chaves-Campos
Avian Diversity in the Moskitia Region of Honduras. 447-482.
David L. Anderson, David. A. Wiedenfeld, Marc J. Bechard and Stephen J. Novak
Avifauna of a High Andean Forest: Bosque Protector Cashca Totoras, Bolivar Province, Ecuador. 483-492.
Elisa Bonaccorso
Espectro Trafico De La Gaviota Capucho Cafe (Larus Maculipennis) En Agroecosistemas Del Sudeste De La Provincia De Buenos Aires, Argentina. 493-500.
M. I. Ghys and M. Favero
Abundance and Distribution of Raptors in the Sierra De San Javier Biological Park, Northwestern Argentina. 501-512.
Pedro G. Blendinger, Patricia Capllonch and M. Eva Alvarez
Puntos Fijos O Recorridos Lineales Para El Censo De Aves En La Estepa Pataganica? 513-526.
Alejandro Travaini, Javier Bustamante, Juan J. Negro and Ruben D. Quintana
Genetic Distances and Phylogenetic Analysis Suggest That Baillonius Cassin, 1867 Is a Pteroglossus Illiger, 1811 (Piciformes: Ramphastidae). 527-538.
Renato Kenju Kimura, Sergio Luiz Pereira, Erwin Tramontini Grau, Elizabeth Hofling and Anita Wajntal
Index to Volume 15, 2004 549-574.
News 575-576.

Short Communications

Observations on Incubation and Nesting Behavior of the Tropical Gnatcatcher (Polioptila Plumbea) in Eastern Ecuador. 539-542.
Erin C. Hannelly and Harold F. Greeney
Bill Sexual Dichromatism of Yellow-Billed Pintail (Anas Georgica) and Speckled Teal (A. Flavirostris). 543-546.
Robert E. Wilson, Sergio Goldfeder and Kevin G. McCracken
New Noteworthy Occurrences of the Wiedas Tyrant-Manakin (Neopelma Aurifrons) in Brazil. 547-548.
Marcelo Ferreira de Vasconcelos, Santos Da

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