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Ornitología Neotropical, Volume 15, Number 3 (2004)

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Ornitología Neotropical


An Age-Structured Population Model of the Puerto Rican Parrot (Amazona Vittata). 289-298.
Jeffrey J. Thompson
Diet Composition of the White-Browed Blackbird (Sturnella Superciliaris) At Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. 299-306.
Anibal R. Camperi, Vanina Ferretti, Armando C. Cicchino, Guillermo E. Soave and Carlos A. Darrieu
Diet of Barn Owls (Tyto Alba) in Forested Habitats of Northwestern Argentine Patagonia. 307-312.
Ana Trejo and Valeria Ojeda
Distribucian Y Uso De Dormideros Por El Candor Andino (Vultur Gryphus) En Pagatonia Chilena. 313-318.
Alejandro Kusch
Nest Sites of Termitarium Nesting Birds in Se Peru. 319-330.
Donald J. Brightsmith
Accepters and Rejecters of Cowbird Parasitism in the New World Orioles (Icterus Spp.). 331-348.
Spencer G. Sealy and Todd J. Underwood
Breeding Behavior of the Bicolored Antvireo (Dysithamnus Occidentalis). 349-356.
Harold F. Greeney
Seleccian De Presas En Relacian Con Las Estrategias De Forrajeo De Aves Migratorias En Penansula Valdes, Argentina. 357-364.
Veronica Laura Da
Observations on the Breeding and Vocalizations of the Fulvousbreasted Flatbill (Rhynchocyclus Fulvipectus) in Eastern Ecuador. 365-370.
Harold F. Greeney, Niels Krabbe, Mitch Lysinger and W. Chris Funk
Riqueza Y Abundancia De Aves En Agroecosistemas Pampeanos Durante El Peraodo Post-Reproductivo. 371-380.
Lucas M. Leveau and Carlos M. Leveau
Birds of the Laguna Kaucaya Area, a Semi-Humid Valley in the Andean Foothills of Departamento Santa Cruz, Bolivia. 381-398.
Robb. T. Brumfield, Oswaldo Maillard Z., Robert C. Faucett, Gustavo Sanchez, Vanya G. Rohwer, Juan Carlos Catari, C. Gregory Schmitt, Donna C.Schmitt, Rosa Strem and Ana Maria Mamani


Maurice Bateman Hutt, 1919-1998. 429-432.
Martin Frost

Short Communications

El Azulillo Brasileao (Porphyrospiza Caerulescens) En La Regian Subandina De Bolivia. 399-402.
Oswaldo Maillard Z. and Juan Carlos Catari
The Egg and Incubation Period of the Peruvian Antpitta (Grallaricula Peruviana). 403-406.
Harold F. Greeney, Rudolphe A. Gelis, Erin C. Hannelly and Philip J. DeVries
Levels of Vigilance Track Changes in Flock Size in the Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus Ruber Ruber). 407-412.
Guy Beauchamp and Raymond McNeil
Diet of the Barn Owl (Tyto Alba) in the Lowlands of Antioquia, Colombia. 413-416.
Carlos A. Delgado-V. and Edmundo J. F. Catano-B.
Cooperative Breeding in the Tropical Mockingbird (Mimus Gilvus) in the Panama Canal Zone. 417-422.
Eugene S. Morton, Bridget J. M. Stutchbury and Walter H. Piper
Observations on a Nest of the Stygian Owl (Asio Stygius) in the Central Brazilian Cerrado. 423-428.
Leonardo Esteves Lopes, Ricardo Goes, Samuel Souza and Renata de Melo Ferreira

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