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Ornitología Neotropical, Volume 15, Number 1 (2004)

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Ornitología Neotropical


La Pagina De La Presidenta. 1-4.
Patricia Escalante
Foraging Behavior of the White-Browed (Basileuterus Leucoblepharus) and the Golden-Crowned (B. Culicivorus) Warblers in a Semidecidual Forest in Southern Brazil. 5-16.
Andre de Mendonca-Lima, Sandra M. Hartz and Andreas Kindel
The Tumaco Seedeater (Sporophila Insulata, Emberizidae): a Species That Never Was? 17-30.
F. Gary Stiles
Observations on the Ecology of the Black-And-Chestnut Eagle (Oroaetus Isidori) in a Montane Forest of Southeastern Peru. 31-40.
Ursula Valdez and Sophie Osborn
Why Canopy Access Is Essential to Understand Canopy Birds: Four Examples from the Surumoni Crane Project. 41-52.
Bruno A. Walther
Dieta Y Dispersian De Semillas Por Dos Especies De Tangara (Habia) En Dos Tipos De Vegetacian En Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico. 53-64.
Fernando Puebla-Olivares and Kevin Winker
Small Mammals in the Diet of Barn Owls (Tyto Alba) in Agroecosistems of Southern Brazil. 65-70.
Daniel Ricardo Scheibler and Alexandre Uarth Christoff
Spatial Distribution of Birds on Three Islands in the Upper River Parana, Southern Brazil. 71-86.
Marco Rodrigo Gimenes and Luiz dos Anjos
Temporal Patterns of Abundance and Waste Use By Kelp Gulls (Larus Dominicanus) At an Urban and Fishery Waste Site in Northern Coastal Patagonia, Argentina. 93-102.
Micel Giaccardi and Pablo Yorio
Dieta Del Cormoran Imperial (Phalacrocorax Atriceps) En El Sur De Santa Cruz (Patagonia, Argentina). 103-110.
Silvia Ferrari, Beatriz Alegre and Patricia Gandini
Efectos De La Fisiografaa Y La Vegetacian En La Distribucian De La Perdiz Serrana (Nothoprocta Pentlandii) En El Bosque Seco Tumbesiano, Pera 111-120.
Javier Barrio
Diet of the Common Tern (Sterna Hirundo) During the Nonbreeding Season in Mar Chiquita Lagoon, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 121-132.
Laura Mauco and Marco Favero

Short Communications

A New Breeding Colony of the Saffron-Cowled Blackbird (Xantopsar Flavus) in Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil. 133-138.
Vanda S. da S. Fonseca, Maria V. Petry and Fabio L. de S. Fonseca
First Documented Record of the Brown-And-Yellow Marshbird (Pseudoleistes Virescens) For Paraguay, With Comments on Its Sympatry With the Yellow-Rumped Marshbird (P. Guirahuro) in Argentina and Paraguay. 139-142.
Rosendo M. Fraga, Mariano Codesido, Hernan Povedano,Alejandro Jurado and Rodrigo Zarate
Unusual June Record of Canada Warbler (Wilsonia Canadensis) in Bolavar, Venezuela. 143-144.
Daniel J. Lebbin

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