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Ornitología Neotropical, Volume 9, Number 1 (1998)

Ornitologia Neotropical


Editorial i-ii.
Is the Greater Antillean Nightjar, Caprimulgus Cubanensis (Aves: Caprimulgidae), a Composite Species? 1-12.
Orlando H. Garrido and George B. Reynard
Seabird and Shorebird Diversity and Associated Conservation Problems in Puerto Deseado, Patagonia, Argentina. 13-22.
Patricia Alejandra Gandini and Esteban Frere
Suggestions For Measuring External Characters of Birds. 23-30.
Kevin Winker
Vocalizations of Blue-Crowned Conures (Aratinga Acuticaudata) in the Chancani Reserve, Cordoba, Argentina. 31-40.
Esteban Fernandez-Juricic, Eugenia V. Alvarez and Monica B. Martella
Forrajeo De Artropodos Por Dos Colibries Mexicanos En Condiciones De Aviario. 41-50.
Carlos Lara and Juan Francisco Ornelas
Changes in Understory Avifauna Along the Sinnamary River (French Guyana, South America). 51-70.
Pierre Adrien Reynaud
Index to Volume 8, 1997 i-xv.
News -- Noticias XVI.

Short Communications

On Two Nests of the Glittering-Bellied Emerald Chlorostilbon Aureoventris (Trochilidae). 71-76.
Yoshika Oniki and Alexander Z. Antunes
Building and Incubation At a Nest of Frilled Coquettes, Lophornis Magnifica (Trochilidae). 77-80.
Yoshika Oniki and Edwin O. Willis
Nesting of Yellow-Fronted Woodpeckers, Melanerpes Flavifrons (Picidae). 81-86.
Yoshika Oniki and Edwin O. Willis
Nest Predation in Relation to Nest Placement in the Greater Ani (Crotophaga Major). 87-92.
PabloLau, Carlos Bosque and Stuart D. Strahl
An Observation of Attempted Interspecific Kleptoparasitism Between Two Neotropical Tyrannid Flycatchers. 93-94.
Floyd E. Hayes
Supervivencia De Pichones De Cotorra Comun Myiopsitta Monachus Monachus (Aves: Psittacidae) En Una Poblacion Silvestre. 95-98.
Rosana M. Aramburu
New Information About Costa Rican Birds. 99-102.
Julio E. Sanchez, Kazuya Naoki and Jim Zook
Distinguishing Sex of Socorro Mockingbirds By Body Measurements. 103-110.
Juan E. Martinez-Gomez and Robert L. Curry

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