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Ornitología Neotropical, Volume 8, Number 2 (1997)

Ornitologia Neotropical


Geographical Distribution and Sympatry of Tufted and Plain-Mantled Tit-Spinetails (Leptasthenura Platensis and Leptasthenura Aegithaloides) in Argentina. 113-120.
Victor R. Cueto, Javier Lopez de Casenave and Luis Marone
Distribution and Dry-Season Ecology of Pfrimers Conure Pyrrhura Pfrimeri, With a Reappraisal of Brazilian Pyrrhura Leucotis. 121-132.
Fabio Olmos, Paulo Martuscelli and Robson Silva e Silva
Behavior of Individuals and Social Interactions of the Red-Fronted Macaw Ara Rubrogenys in the Wild During the Midday Rest. 133-143.
Elin Pitter and Mette Bohn Christiansen
Avifaunal Composition, Species Richness, and Status in the Tibagi River Basin, Parana State, Southern Brazil. 145-173.
Luiz dos Anjos, Karl-L. Schuchmann and Ralph Berndt
Bronzed Cowbird Hosts: New Records, Trends in Host Use, and Cost of Parasitism. 175-184.
Spencer G. Sealy, ]ulio E. Sanchez, Rafael G. Campos R. and Manuel Marin
Variation in Capture Rates of Understory Birds in El Rey National Park, Northwestern Argentina. 185-193.
John G. Blake and Mercedes Rouges
An Overview of Field Guides to Neotropical Birds With Remarks on Their Role in the Development of Neotropical Ornithology. 195-236.
Francois Vuilleumier

Short Communications -- General Biology, Faunistics, Taxonomy

Actividades Frugivoras De Tyrannus Forficatus En Un Mosaico De Vegetacion Durante La Migracion. 237-239.
Raul Ortiz-Pulido
Notes on the Nuptial Display of the Spotted Wood-Quail (Odontophorus Guttatus). 241-242.
R. J. Gutierrez and K. L Gutierrez
Traditional Use of Limestone Cave By Nesting Green Parakeets (Aratinga Holochlora). 243-244.
Jack Clinton Eitniear, Alvaro Aragon Tapia and Steven M. McGehee
First Record of the Speckled Mourner (Laniocera Rufescens) For the Peten Department of Guatemala. 245-246.
Nathaniel E. Seavy, David E. Whitacre and Marcial Cordova A.
Coeligena Violifer Albicaudata (Aves, Trochilidae): a New Hummingbird Subspecies from the Southern Peruvian Andes. 247-253.
Karl-L. Schuchmann and Thomas Zuchner

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