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North American Birds, Volume 59, Number 2 (2005)

North American Birds


An overview of Ivory-billed Woodpecker (Campephilus principalis) sightings in eastern Arkansas in 2004-2005. 198-207.
Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Ronald W. Rohrbaugh, Martjan Lammertink
Large Woodpeckers: Paintings by David Allen Sibley. 208-209.
Searches for Ivory-billed Woodpecker (Campephilus principalis in the Apalachicola River basin of Florida in 2003. 210-215.
Timothy Spahr
Forest management for Ivory-billed Woodpeckers (Campephilus principalis): A case study in managing an uncertainty. 216-221.
David T. Shoch
The Changing Seasons Seeing the Fores for the Trees. 222-226.
Ted Floyd
Editors' Notebook. 228-229.
Atlantic Provinces and St. Pierre et Miquelon. 230-233.
Brian Dalzell
Quebec. 234-235.
Pierre Bannon, Samuel Denault, Yves Aubry, Normand David
New England. 236-240.
Pam Hunt
Hudson-Delaware. 241-245.
Joseph C. Burgiel, Robert O. Paxton, Mike Powers, Richard R. Veit
Middle Atlantic. 246-249.
Todd M. Day
Southern Atlantic. 250-254.
Ricky Davis
Florida. 255-257.
Bruce H. Anderson
Ontario. 258-260.
Hugh G. Currie
Eastern Highlands and Upper Ohio River Valley. 260-265.
Victor W. Fazio, III, Nick Pulcinella
Illinois and Indiana. 266-269.
Kenneth J. Brock
Western Great Lakes. 270-272.
Jim Granlund
Iowa and Missouri. 273-275.
Robert Cecil
Tennessee and Kentucky. 276-278.
Chris Sloan, Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr.
Central Southern. 279-281.
C. Dwight Cooley
Northern Canada. 282-283.
Cameron D. Eckert
Prairie Provinces. 283-284.
Rudolf F. Koes, Peter Taylor
Northern Great Plains. 285-286.
Ron Martin
Southern Great Plains. 287-290.
W. Ross Silcock, Joseph A. Grzybowski
Texas. 291-295.
Mark W. Lockwood, Randy Pinkston, Willie Sekula
Colorado and Wyoming. 296-299.
Christopher L. Wood, Tony Leukering, Bill Schmoker
Great Basin. 300-301.
Rick Fridell
New Mexico. 302-304.
Sartor O. Williams, III
Arizona. 305-307.
Mark M. Stevenson, Gary H. Rosenberg
Alaska. 308-310.
Thede Tobish
British Columbia. 311-312.
Donald G. Cecile
Oregon and Washington. 313-317.
Steven Mlodinow, David Irons, Bill Tweit
Northern California. 318-322.
Luke W. Cole, Scott B. Terrill, Michael M. Rogers, Steven A. Glover
Southern California. 323-327.
Guy Mccaskie, Kimball L. Garrett
Baja California Peninsula. 328-330.
Richard A. Erickson, Marshall J. Iliff, Eduardo Palacios, Roberto Carmona
Mexico. 331-336.
Héctor Gómez De Silva
Central America. 337-340.
H. Lee Jones
West Indies and Bermuda. 341-344.
Robert L. Norton, Anthony White, Andrew Dobson
Hawaiian Islands. 345-347.
Robert L. Pyle, Peter Donaldson
First Harlan's Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis harlani) for Baja California Sur. 348-349.
Steven Mlodinow, Roberto Carmona, Luis Sauma, Georgina Brabata
First record of Black-headed Nightingale-Thrush (Catharus mexicanus) for the United States. 350-351.
Mark W. Lockwood, Robert Bates
Recent nesting and current status of Aplomado Falcon (Falco femoralis) in New Mexico. 352-356.
Raymond A. Meyer, Sartor O. Williams, III
Baja California Sur's first record of Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius). 358-359.
Steven G. Mlodinow, Bill Tweit
Probable Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius) x Red-breasted Sapsucker (S. ruber) hybrid from eastern Kansas, with comments on the field identification of adult sapsuckers. 360-363.
Mark B. Robbins, David E. Seibel, Carla Cicero
Photo Salon I The Northern Owl Invasion: Winter 2004-2005. 364-366.
Photo Salon II Mexico Comes To Texas: Winter 2004-2005. 368-369.
Pictorial Highlights. 370-372.
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