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North American Birds, Volume 58, Number 1 (2004)

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North American Birds


The First Mangrove Swallow recorded in the United States. 4-11.
Paul W. Sykes, Jr., Lyn S. Atherton, Murray Gardler, John H. Hintermister, V
Editors' Notebook. 12-13.
The Changing Seasons The Big Picture. 14-29.
Brian L. Sullivan
Atlantic Provinces and St. Pierre et Miquelon. 30-32.
Bruce Mactavish
Quebec. 33-35.
Pierre Bannon, Samuel Denault, Yves Aubry, Normand David
New England. 36-41.
Walter G. Ellison, Nancy L. Martin
Hudson-Delaware. 42-45.
Steve Kelling, Joseph C. Burgiel, David A. Cutler, Robert O. Paxton, Richard R. Veit
Special Interregional Report Hurricane Isabel of 2003. 46-53.
Ricky Davis, Todd M. Day, Marshall J. Iliff, Robert C. Leberman, Steve Kelling, David H. Elder
Middle Atlantic. 54-58.
Todd M. Day, Marshall J. Iliff
Southern Atlantic. 59-63.
Ricky Davis
Florida. 64-67.
Bill Pranty
Ontario. 68-70.
David H. Elder
Eastern Highlands and Upper Ohio River Valley. 71-73.
Robert C. Leberman
Illinois and Indiana. 74-77.
Kenneth J. Brock
Western Great Lakes. 78-81.
Peder H. Svingen
Iowa and Missouri. 82-84.
Bill Eddleman
Tennessee and Kentucky. 85-88.
Chris Sloan, Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr.
Central Southern. 89-92.
Robert A. Duncan, Lucy R. Duncan
Prairie Provinces. 93-94.
Rudolf F. Koes, Peter Taylor
Northern Great Plains. 95-97.
Ron Martin
Southern Great Plains. 98-101.
W. Ross Silcock, Joseph A. Grzybowski
Texas. 102-106.
Mark W. Lockwood
Idaho and Western Montana. 107-108.
David Trochlell
Mountain West. 109-112.
Christopher L. Wood, Brandon K. Percival, Van A. Truan
Great Basin. 113-116.
Rick Fridell, Steve Summers
New Mexico. 117-120.
Sartor O. Williams, III
Arizona. 121-124.
Mark M. Stevenson, Gary H. Rosenberg
Alaska. 125-128.
Thede Tobish
British Columbia and Yukon. 129-130.
Donald G. Cecile
Oregon and Washington. 131-135.
Steven Mlodinow, David Irons, Bill Tweit
Middle Pacific Coast. 136-141.
Michael M. Rogers, Steven A. Glover, Luke W. Cole, Scott B. Terrill
Southern Pacific Coast. 141-146.
Guy Mccaskie, Kimball L. Garrett
Baja California Peninsula. 147-149.
Robert A. Hamilton, Richard A. Erickson, Eduardo Palacios, Roberto Carmona
Mexico. 150-155.
HÉCtor GÓMez De Silva
Central America. 155-157.
H. Lee Jones
West Indies and Bermuda. 158-161.
Robert L. Norton, Anthony White, Andrew Dobson
Hawaiian Islands. 162-163.
Robert L. Pyle, Peter Donaldson
West Indian Whistling-Duck (Dendrocygna arborea) at the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia. 164-167.
Donald J. Schwab, Sr., Mark Suomala
Eurasian Kestrel in Florida: First record for the southeastern United States, with a review of its status in North America. 168-169.
Bill Pranty, Ed Kwater, Harold Weatherman, Harry P. Robinson
First dark-morph Hook-Billed Kite fledged in the United States. 170.
William S. Clark
Pictorial Highlights. 171-176.
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