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The Auk, Volume 6, Number 3 (1889)



Descriptions of Supposed New Species of Hummingbirds Belonging To the Genera Amazilia and Eriocnemis. 209-210.
D. G. Elliot.
Some Account of the Birds of Southern Greenland, From the Mss. of A. Hagerup. 211-218.
Montague Chamberlain.
Notes on West Indian Birds. 218-219.
Charles B. Cory.
Birds Observed At Santa Barbara, California. 220-223.
W. A. Jeffries.
On the Hiatus Existing Between the Breeding Ranges of the Loggerhead and White-Rumped Shrikes. 224-226.
G. H. Ragsdale.
Picicorvus Columbianus (Wils.), Clarke's Nutcracker. Its Nest and Eggs, Etc.. 226-236.
Capt. Charles E. Bendire.
Summer Birds of Eastland County, Texas. 236-241.
E. M. Hasbrouck.
A Bird Wave. 241-243.
Philip Cox, Jr.
On the Specific Identity of Buteo Brachyurus and Buteo Fuliginosus, With Additional Records of Their Occurrence In Florida. 243-245.
W. E. D. Scott.
A Summary of Observations on the Birds of the Gulf Coast of Florida. 245-252.
W. E. D. Scott.
An Undescribed Subspecies of Dryobates Pubescens. 253-255.
C. F. Batchelder.
An Unusual Flight of Killdeer Plover ([Ae]Gialitis Vocifera) Along the New England Coast. 255-263.
Dr. Arthur P. Chadbourne.
A New Species of Duck From Texas. 263-265.
George B. Sennett.
Notes and News. 282-284.


A Suggestion To the A. O. U. Committee on the Revision of the Check-List of North American Birds. 281-282.

General Notes

The Florida Gallinule Breeding In Vermont. 273-274.
Jenness Richardson, J. A. Allen.
The Killdeer Plover ([Ae]Gialitis Vocifera) Wintering on the New England Coast. 274-275.
Bradford Torrey.
The Wild Turkey In the North Carolina Mountains. 275.
L. N. Johnson.
Buteo Brachyurus In Florida. 275.
Chas. B. Cory.
Antrostomus Vociferus In Porto Rico. 276.
Charles B. Cory.
A Hawk Bearing a Legend. 276.
C. Hart Merriam.
Micropallas Whitneyi, Elf Owl, Taken In Texas. 276.
Geo. B. Sennett.
The Olivaceous Flycatcher and Ph[Oe]Be In Colorado. 276-277.
T. W. Thorne.
The Raven As a South Carolinian. 277-278.
Leverett M. Loomis.
The Lapland Longspur Near Chicago In June. 278.
B. T. Gault.
Helminthophila Bachmani on the East Coast of Florida. 278-279.
Frank M. Chapman.
The Interbreeding of Helminthophila Pinus and H. Chrysoptera. 279.
Jno. H. Sage.
Dendroica Coronata Feeding Upon Oranges. 279.
William Brewster.
Recent Capture of Kirtland's Warbler In Michigan, and Other Notes. 279-280.
F. L. Washburn.
Polioptila Plumbea At Palm Springs, California. 280.
Fred. O. Johnson.
Winter Notes From Portland, Maine. 280-281.
John Clifford Brown.

Recent Literature

Cory's Birds of the West Indies. 265-266.
J. A. Allen.
Sclater's Catalogue of the Mesomyodian Passeres. 266-268.
J. A. Allen.
Sclater and Hudson's 'Argentine Ornithology.'. 268-269.
J. A. Allen.
Gould's 'Birds of New Guinea.'. 269.
J. A. Allen.
Bird Migration In the Mississippi Valley, By W. W. Cooke. 270-272.
J. A. Harvie-Brown.
Publications Received. 272-273.
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