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The Auk, Volume 6, Number 2 (1889)



Descriptions of Supposed New Birds From Western North America and Mexico. 85-98.
William Brewster.
On the Summer Birds of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. 99-107.
Walter Faxon.
Notes on the General Habits, Nests and Eggs of the Genus Passerella. 107-116.
Capt. Charles E. Bendire.
Notes on the Summer Birds of the Restigouche Valley, New Brunswick. 116-119.
John Brittain, Philip Cox, Jr.
Notes on Western North Carolina Birds. 119-122.
W. A. Jeffries, J. A. Jeffries.
Additions To the Catalogue of the Birds of Kansas, With Notes In Regard To Their Habits. 122-124.
N. S. Goss.
Bird Notes From Little Gull Island, Suffolk Co., N. Y.. 124-131.
Basil Hicks Dutcher.
Bird Notes From Long Island, New York. 131-139.
William Dutcher.
Graphic Representation of Bird Migration. 139-144.
Witmer Stone.
Notes on the Birds of the Magdalen Islands. 144-150.
Dr. Louis B. Bishop.
Description of the Supposed Nest and Eggs of Zonotrichia Querula, Harris's Sparrow. 150-152.
Capt. Charles E. Bendire.
A Summary of Observations on the Birds of the Gulf Coast of Florida. 152-160.
W. E. D. Scott.
Records of Rare Birds At Key West, Florida, and Vicinity, With a Note on the Capture of a Dove (Geotrygon Montana) New To North America. 160-161.
W. E. D. Scott.
The Clapper Rails of the United States and West Indies Compared With Rallus Longirostris of South America. 161-166.
George B. Sennett.
Restoration of an Audubonian Form of Geothlypis Trichas To the American Avifauna. 167-168.
E. M. Hasbrouck.
Notes and News. 204-208.

General Notes

Sterna Paradis[Ae]A.--A Correction. 186.
Jonathan Dwight, Jr.
The Wood Ibis In Indiana. 186-187.
B. W. Evermann.
Additional Notes on the Bittern. 187-188.
Manly Hardy.
Another Saw-Whet Owl (Nyctala Acadica) In the District of Columbia. 189.
Charles W. Richmond.
Note on the First Plumage of Colinus Ridgwayi. 189.
J. A. Allen.
Tringa Bairdii on Long Island Sound. 189.
C. K. Averill, Jr.
A Fishing Screech Owl. 189-190.
Willard E. Treat.
Brewer's Blackbird Near New Orleans. 190.
Gustave Kohn.
The Chestnut-Collared and Lapland Longspurs on Long Island, N. Y.. 190-191.
W. F. Hendrickson.
Breeding of Habia Ludoviciana In Niagara County, New York. 191-192.
S. L. Davison.
Calamospiza Melanocorys on Long Island, N. Y.. 192.
Evan M. Evans.
Loggerhead Shrike At Bridgeport, Conn.--A Correction. 192.
Helminthophila Pinus, H. Chrysoptera, H. Leucobronchialis, and H. Lawrencei In Connecticut In the Spring of 1888. 192-193.
Louis B. Bishop.
The Connecticut Warbler In Vermont. 193.
Frank H. Hitchcock.
Myiadestes Townsendii Apparently Wintering In Wyoming. 193-194.
Frank Bond.
Some Rare Rhode Island Birds. 194.
Wirt Robinson.
Bicknell's Thrush Breeding In Vermont. 194.
Bradford Torrey.
Another Western Bird In South Carolina. 194.
Leverett M. Loomis.
Some Rare Virginia Birds. 194-195.
Wirt Robinson.
Costal Variations In Birds. 195-196.
F. A. Lucas.

Recent Literature

Supplement To the A. O. U. Code of Nomenclature and Check-List of North American Birds. 168-169.
J. A. Allen.
The Abridged A. O. U. Check-List. 169.
J. A. Allen.
Warren's 'Birds of Pennsylvania.'. 170-171.
C. F. B.
Ridgway on New or Little-Known American Birds. 171-173.
J. A. Allen.
Lawrence on a New Species of American Bird. 173.
J. A. Allen.
Stejneger on the Japanese Creepers. 173.
J. A. Allen.
Bendire on the Nests and Eggs of Rare Species of North American Birds. 173.
J. A. Allen.
Beckham on the Birds of Southwestern Texas. 173-174.
J. A. Allen.
Minor Ornithological Publications. 174-184.
C. F. B.
Publications Received. 184-185.

Scientific Societies

Linn[Ae]An Society of New York. 196-204.
Jonathan Dwight, Jr.
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