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Cooper Ornithological Society

About the Cooper Ornithological Society

The Cooper Ornithological Society, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of over 2,000 professional and amateur ornithologists, is one of the largest ornithological societies in the world. The society was organized in 1893 by a small group of individuals in California who were interested in the study of birds. The name of the society commemorates an early California naturalist, Dr. James G. Cooper.

The objectives of the Cooper Ornithological Society are:

  • To encourage and support the scientific study of birds.
  • To disseminate ornithological knowledge through publications, meetings, and direct communication among ornithologists.
  • To encourage and spread interest in the study of birds.
  • To encourage and support the conservation of birds and wildlife in general.

Cooper Ornithological Society Publications Available on SORA:
For more information about the COS or its publications, please visit the Cooper Ornithological Society website.

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