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The Auk, Volume 6, Number 1 (1889)



The 'Booming' of the Bittern. 1-8.
Bradford Torrey.
The Main Divisions of the Swifts. 8-13.
Frederic A. Lucas.
A Summary of Observations on the Birds of the Gulf Coast of Florida. 13-18.
W. E. D. Scott.
An Account of the Breeding Habits of Puffinus Auduboni In the Island of Grenada, West Indies, With a Note on Zenaida Rubripes. 19-21.
George N. Lawrence.
Birds of Carroll County, Indiana. 22-30.
Barton W. Evermann.
A List of the Birds Collected By Mr. C. J. Maynard In the Islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brack, West Indies. 30-32.
Charles B. Cory.
Notes on the Habits, Nests, and Eggs of Dendragapus Obscurus Fuliginosus, the Sooty Grouse. 32-39.
Capt. Charles E. Bendire.
On the Summer Birds of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. 39-46.
Walter Faxon.
Remarks Upon Abnormal Coloring of Plumage Observed In Several Species of Birds. 46-50.
Geo. N. Lawrence.
Notes on the Birds of White Top Mountain, Virginia. 50-53.
William C. Rives, Jr.
A New Name For the Species of Sporophila From Texas, Generally Known As S. Morelleti. 53-54.
George N. Lawrence.
Sixth Congress of the American Ornithologists' Union. 55-58.
Notes and News. 79-84.


The Proper Name For the Genus Melanipitta of Schlegel. 79.

General Notes

The Present Status of Forster's Tern As a Bird of New England. 66-67.
William Brewster.
Notes on Brewster's and the Blue-Footed Gannet. 67.
R. W. Shufeldt.
Histrionicus Histrionicus on Long Island, New York. 67-68.
Geo. B. Badger.
Chen C[Ae]Rulescens In Massachusetts. 68.
Wm. A. Jeffries.
Baird's Sandpiper In Central New York. 68.
Morris M. Green.
The Northern Phalarope (Phalaropus Lobatus) In the Franconia Mountains, New Hampshire. 68-69.
W. C. Prime.
Occurrence of the Western Sandpiper (Ereunetes Occidentalis) In Numbers on the Coast of Massachusetts. 69.
William Brewster.
Sandpipers At Sea--A Correction. 69.
Wm. A. Jeffries.
Remarkable Flight of Killdeer ([Ae]Gialitis Vocifera) Near Portland, Maine. 69.
Nathan Clifford Brown.
Note on [Ae]Gialitis Meloda Circumcincta. 70.
Nathan Clifford Brown.
The Turkey Buzzard In Massachusetts. 70.
Edward C. Mason.
Krider's Hawk (Buteo Borealis Kriderii) on the Coast of Georgia. 70.
William Brewster.
First Description of the Egg of Glaucidium Phal[Ae]Noides, Ferruginous Pygmy Owl. 70-71.
Geo. B. Sennett.
[A New Generic Name For the Elf Owl.]. 71.
Elliott Coues.
Sphyrapicus Ruber Breeding In Coniferous Trees. 71.
C. E. Bendire.
Occurrence of Traill's Flycatcher Near Washington, D. C.. 71.
William Palmer.
Early Appearance of Empidonax Minimus At Portland, Maine. 71.
John C. Brown.
Second Occurrence of the Prairie Horned Lark In Eastern Massachusetts. 71-72.
William Brewster.
The Cowbird (Molothrus Ater) As a Fly-Destroyer. 72.
Henry W. Elliott.
Molothrus Ater In Massachusetts In December. 72.
Walter Faxon.
Notes Upon the Sudden Appearance In Numbers of the Evening Grosbeak At Fort Wingate, New Mexico. 72-74.
R. W. Shufeldt.
Unusual Nesting Site of Dendroica Virens. 74.
John C. Brown.
Loggerhead Shrike At Bridgeport, Connecticut. 74.
C. K. Averill, Jr.
First Occurrence of the Philadelphia Vireo Near Washington, D. C.. 74.
William Palmer.
A Rare Bird In Chester Co., South Carolina. 74-75.
Leverett M. Loomis.
A Peculiar Nest of Cinclus Mexicanus. 75.
Chas. E. Bendire.
Saxicola [Oe]Nanthe In Louisiana. 76.
Gustave Kohn.
Troglodytes A. 76.
Geo. B. Sennett.
Summer Birds At Bridgewater and Moultonboro', New Hampshire. 76-79.
Francis H. Allen.

Recent Literature

Cooke's 'Report on Bird Migration In the Mississippi Valley.'. 58-61.
J. A. Allen.
Nelson's Report Upon Natural History Collections Made In Alaska. 61-63.
J. A. Allen.
Jordan's New Manual of Vertebrates. 63.
J. A. Allen.
Sharpe's Birds In Nature. 63-64.
J. A. Allen.
Birds of Nova Scotia. 64-65.
E. E. T.
Publications Received. 65-66.
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