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The Auk, Volume 5, Number 2 (1888)



The Bird Rocks of the Gulf of St. Lawrence In 1887. 129-135.
Frederic A. Lucas.
On Three Apparently New Subspecies of Mexican Birds. 136-139.
William Brewster.
Notes on the Birds of Fort Klamath, Oregon. 139-146.
Dr. J. C. Merrill.
Additions To the Avifauna of Washington and Vicinity. 147-148.
Hugh M. Smith, William Palmer.
Notes on the Summer Birds of Holderness, Bethlehem, and Franconia, N. H.. 149-155.
Walter Faxon, J. A. Allen.
The Birds of the West Indies, Including the Bahama Islands, the Greater and the Lesser Antilles, Excepting the Islands of Tobago and Trinidad. 155-159.
Charles B. Cory.
On the Avi-Fauna of Pinal County, With Remarks on Some Birds of Pima and Gila Counties, Arizona. 159-168.
W. E. D. Scott.
A Description of an Apparently New Species of Trochilus From California. 168-169.
J. Amory Jeffries.
Bird Notes From Long Island, N. Y.. 169-183.
William Dutcher.
Supplementary Notes From the Gulf Coast of Florida, With a Description of a New Species of Marsh Wren. 183-188.
W. E. D. Scott.
Notes and News. 220-224.


Observations on the Pterylosis of Certain Picid[Ae]. 212-218.
Polydactylism In Birds. 218-219.

General Notes

[Ae]Chmophorus Occidentalis In Kansas. 201-202.
F. H. Snow.
Puffinus Borealis At Gardiner's Bay, N. Y.. 202.
Arthur P. Chadbourne.
Eggs of the Ivory Gull (Gavia Alba). 202-203.
Chas. E. Bendire.
The Old-Squaw (Clangula Hyemalis) In South Carolina. 203.
Ellison A. Smythe, Jr.
Surf Scorer (Oidemia Perspicillata) In Kansas. 203.
A. L. Bennett.
Note on Rostratulin[Ae]. 204.
Elliott Coues.
The Wild Turkey In Massachusetts. 204-205.
D. D. Slade.
The European Kestril In Massachusetts--A Correction. 205.
Charles B. Cory.
First Occurrence of the Western Red-Tail In Ontario. 205.
W. E. Saunders.
Dichromatism In the Genus Nyctidromus. 205-206.
Geo. B. Sennett.
On the Further Occurrence of Otocoris Alpestris Praticola In Chester County, South Carolina. 206-207.
Leverett M. Loomis.
Molothrus Ater Again In Massachusetts In Winter. 207.
Arthur P. Chadbourne.
Corydomorph[Ae]. 207.
Elliott Coues.
Blackbird Flights At Burlington, Iowa. 207-208.
Charles R. Keyes.
The Evening Grosbeak In Ontario. 208.
W. E. Saunders.
Loxia Curvirostra Minor Taken Again At Yemassee, S. C.. 208.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Quiscalus Quiscula Agl[Ae]Us At Charleston, South Carolina. 208.
William Brewster.
Carpodacus Purpureus At Portland, Maine, In Winter. 209.
John C. Brown.
The Northern Range of Oporornis Formosa In Illinois. 210.
Joseph L. Hancock.
Occurrence of Vireo Flavoviridis At Riverside, California. 210.
Will W. Price.
Ammodramus Henslowii Wintering In Large Numbers At Yemassee, S.C.. 210.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Ammodramus Leconteii At Yemassee, S. C.. 210.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Protonotaria Citrea In Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. 210-211.
H. F. Moore.
Dendroica Tigrina At Iowa City, In November. 211.
Charles R. Keyes.
Bird Notes From Toronto. 211.
William Brodie.

Recent Literature

Chamberlain's Canadian Birds. 189.
E. C.
Seebohm's 'Geographical Distribution of the Charadriid[Ae].'. 189-194.
J. A. Allen.
Ridgway on New or Little-Known American Birds. 194-195.
Ridgway on the Breeding of Trogon Ambiguus In Arizona. 195.
J. A. Allen.
Ridgway on Wuerdemann's Heron. 195.
J. A. Allen.
Stejneger on Japanese Birds. 195-196.
J. A. Allen.
Stejneger on Hawaiian Birds. 196-197.
J. A. Allen.
Stejneger on Birds of the Commander Islands. 197.
J. A. Allen.
Stejneger on Pal[Ae]Arctic Bullfinches. 197.
J. A. Allen.
Shufeldt on Bird Skulls and Sterna Collected By Dr. Streets. 198.
J. A. Allen.
Lucas on the Osteology of the Spotted Tinamou. 198.
J. A. Allen.
Chamberlain's 'Systematic Table of Canadian Birds.'. 198-199.
J. A. Allen.
Sclater and Hudson's 'Argentine Ornithology.'. 199-200.
J. A. Allen.
Publications Received. 200-201.
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