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American Birds, Volume 44, Number 5 (1990)

American Birds
5 (Winter)


Overview. 1059-1065.
Birding for Fun. 1067-1070.
Paul R. Ehrlich, Gretchen C. Daily
Facts, Inferences and Shameless SpeculationsSeeking Sapsucker SecretsThe Endangered Species Charade. 1071-1072.
J. P. Myers
2001: Birds that Won't be with us. 1074-1081.
Frank Graham, Jr.
Winter Birding in Mayan Mexico. 1082-1088.
John Alcock
Pine Bunting on Attu Island, Alaska. 1089-1091.
George F. Wagner
First Summer Record of the Common Balck-Headed Gull for Puerto Rico. 1092-1093.
Paul M. Mckenzie, Wylie C. Barrow, Jaime A. Collazo, Cynthia Staicer
First Record of Prothonotary Warbler from Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. 1094.
Kenneth E. Petit, Keith A. Tarvin
Gray Herons on Barbados. 1096-1097.
P. William Smith, Susan A. Smith
Protecting the Treasured Estuaries of Baja California, Mexico. 1098-1102.
Barbara W. Massey
The Changing Seasons Summer 1990. 1103-1106.
Kenn Kaufman
The Nesting Season June 1-July 31, 1990. 1107-1191.
Moments in HistorySeeking Sapsucker SecretsThe Endangered Species CharadeThe Ipswich Sparrow. 1200-1202.
John Farrand, Jr.
The Practiced Eye. 1203-1205.
Kenn Kaufman
American Birding. 1207-1209.
Pete Dunne
Pictorial Highlights Summer 1990. 1210-1213.
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