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American Birds, Volume 43, Number 1 (1989)

American Birds
1 (Spring)


The Practiced Eye. 3-6.
Kenn Kaufman
Facts, Inferences, and Shameless SpeculationsBlack-legged Kittiwake and Red-legged KittiwakeNintendo and other birds. 7-9.
J. P. Myers
Retorts, Reflections, and Thoughtful Refutations. 10.
American Birding. 11-13.
Pete Dunne
The Razorbill in the Gulf of Maine. 14-16.
Richard H. Podolsky
First record of Long-tailed Jaeger for South Georgia. 17.
Ron Naveen
Jaegers and skuas in the Western North Atlantic: some historical misconceptions. 18-20.
David S. Lee
Size and trends of Black-legged Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) populations in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Quebec) 1974-1985. 21-24.
Gilles Chapdelaine, Pierre Brousseau
Regional Reports Pictorial Highlights Autumn 1988. 25-28.
Career Opportunities in Ornithology. 29-37.
E. H. Dunn, C. J. Ralph, C. Van Riper, III, K. G. Smith, D. S. Wood, F. B. Gill
The world' largest known nesting colony of Leach's Storm-Petrels on Baccalieu Island, Newfoundland. 38-42.
B. O. Sklepkovych, W. A. Montevecchi
Status of the Glossy Ibis in Mexico. 43-45.
Steve N. G. Howell, Barbara M. De Montes
Changes in bird life at the western end of Lake Erie. 46-49.
Harold F. Mayfield
The Changing Seasons Autumn 1988. 50-54.
Paul Lehman
The Autumn Migration August 1 - November 30, 1988. 55-175.
Photographs in the Regional Reports. 176-177.
Kenn Kaufman
The Outlook for Migration Songbirds: Future Shock for Birders. 178-183.
Eugene S. Morton, Russell Greenberg
Fifty-second Breeding Bird Census. 184-186.
Willet T. Van Velzen, Aldeen C. Van Velzen
Forty-first Winter Bird-Population Study. 187.
Calvin L. Cink, Roger L. Boyd
Birders' Bookshelf. 190-195.
Announcements. 196.
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