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American Birds, Volume 40, Number 1 (1986)

American Birds
1 (Spring)


From the sketchbooks of Terence Michael Shortt. 3-12.
Susan Roney Drennan
Far Eastern Curlew in Canada. 13-15.
W. Douglas Kragh, Brian M. Kautesk, John Ireland, Ervio Sian
Stonechat (Saxicola torquata) in New Brunswick - first record for North America. 16-17.
James G. Wilson
Apparent hybrid Common Black-headed Gull nesting in Lake Ontario. 18-20.
D. V. Weseloh, Pierre Mineau
Long Point Bird Observatory, Ontario. 21-25.
M. G. Soares
Point Pelee National Park Ontario, Canada. 26-31.
G. Tom Hince
Holiday Beach Provincial Park Ontario, Canada. 32-34.
Allen Chartier
Presqui'ile Provincial Park Ontario, Canada. 35-36.
R. D. Mcrae
Algonquin Provincial Park Ontario, Canada. 37-38.
Clive E. Goodwin
Beauharnois Power Dam Montreal, Quebec. 39-40.
R. J. Barnhurst
Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. 41.
Nova Dania Entries of Jens Munck at Churchill, Manitoba 1619-1620. 42-44.
Philippe Grandjean
In Memoriam Jean Delacour. 46-48.
Roger F. Pasquier
Historical aspects and current projects of the ICBP. 49-50.
Warren B. King
Mourning Dove numbers explode on the Canadian Prairies. 52-54.
C. Stuart Houston
First specimen of Least Tern from New Brunswick. 55-57.
Donald F. Mcalpine
Hybrid yellow-legged gull from the Madeleine Islands. 58-60.
Michel Gosselin, Normand David, Pierre Laporte
Feeder counts and winter bird population trends. 61-66.
Erica H. Dunn
Breeding Bird Censuses and Winter Bird-Population Studies: an update. 67-68.
Gregory S. Butcher
Forty-ninth Breeding Bird Census. 69-72.
Willet T. Van Velzen, Aldeen C. Van Velzen
Thirty-eighth Winter Bird-Population Study. 73-74.
Roger L. Boyd, Calvin L. Cink
The Changing Seasons. 75-82.
Paul A. Debenedictis
The Autumn Migration August 1-November 30, 1985. 83-164.
Suggested Publications on the Birds of Canada. 165-170.
Contact Organizations. 171-172.
Museums, Scientific Collections, and Libraries. 172-173.
Recorded Rare Bird Alerts in Canada. 174.
Transportation, Maps, and Miscellaneous Materials. 175-177.
Birders' Bookshelf. 178-181.
Announcements. 182-183.
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