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American Birds, Volume 39, Number 5 (1985)

American Birds
5 (Winter)


Flame-colored Tanager in Arizona. 843-844.
Robert J. Morse, Gale Monson
Gone forever A Contemporary look at the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon. 845-851.
David E. Blockstein, Harrison B. Tordoff
The Common Raven returns to Kentucky. 852-853.
Dale K. Fowler, John R. Macgregor, Sherri A. Evans, Lauren E. Schaaf
Spotted Rail: first record from the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. 854.
Peter E. Scott, David D. Andrews, Barbara Mackinnon De Montes
Sandhill Cranes in Alaska A population survey 1957-1985. 855-858.
Bruce Conant, James G. King, Henry A. Hansen
Status of the American White Pelican: an update. 859-864.
John G. Sidle, William H. Koonz, Keith Roney
Black-shouldered Kite: range expansion into Mississippi. 865-867.
Judith A. Toups, Jerome A. Jackson, Evelyn Johnson
Bulwer's Petrel in the South Atlantic Bight. 868-870.
J. Christopher Haney, Sam C. Wainright
Spotted Rail, Brant, and Yellow-breasted Crake - records from the Yucatan. 871-872.
Thomas Gatz, Peter Gent, Martin Jakle, Rebecca Otto, William Otto, Bruce Ellis
Long-tailed Jaegers wintering along the Falkland Current. 873-878.
Richard R. Veit
The Changing Seasons. 879-884.
Richard R. Veit
The Nesting Season June 1-July 31, 1985. 885-966.
Birders' Bookshelf. 967-969.
Letters to the Editor. 970.
Announcements. 971.
Corrigenda. 971.
In Memoriam. 971.
Referee Roster. 972.
Indices Volume 39 - 1985. 973-978.
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