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American Birds, Volume 39, Number 3 (1985)

American Birds
3 (Fall)


A Lek's Icon The courtship display of a Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock. 235-240.
Pepper W. Trail
First North American record of the Black-winged Stilt. 241.
C. Fred Zeillemaker, Merlin S. Eltzroth, Jay E. Hamernick
A neotropical bird flies north: the Greenish Elaenia. 242-244.
James G. Morgan, Linda M. Feltner
Yucatan Vireo appears in Texas. 245-246.
James G. Morgan, Ted L. Eubanks, Jr., Virginia Eubanks, Larry N. White
A little-known species reaches North America. 247-250.
Paul Lehman, Jon L. Dunn
Keys to Identifying Little Curlew. 251-254.
Jeffery Boswall, Boris N. Veprintsev
Jackdaws reach the New World. 255-258.
P. William Smith
Great Cormorants nesting on New England Coast. 259.
William H. Drury, Jeremy J. Hatch
The Trumpeter Swan blasts back. 260.
Larry J. Hindman
The dunking habit of Common Grackles. 261-262.
Jerome Jackson
The Changing Seasons. 263-268.
V. Paul Mackenzie, Ron D. Weir
The Spring Migration March 1-May 31, 1985. 269-354.
Bird sound publication in North America: An update. 355-356.
Jeffery Boswall
Field identification note on the immature Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos). 357.
Robert M. Schutsky
Beached Bird Survey Project on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts December 1, 1975 to November 30, 1983. 358-363.
Malcolm M. Simons, Jr.
The Birders' Bookshelf. 364-373.
Letters to the Editor. 374-375.
Announcements. 375.
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