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American Birds, Volume 37, Number 5 (1983)

American Birds
5 (September-October)


The American Birds Salon of Photography 1983. 811-819.
Ecological observations on an endangered species: the Maui Parrotbill, Pseudonestor xanthophrys. 820-821.
John H. Carothers, Stephen R. Sabo, Robert B. Hansen
The field identification of North American eagles. 822-826.
William S. Clark
The Western Reef-Heron (Egretta gularis) at Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. 827-829.
Robert Cardillo, Alec Forbes-Watson, Robert Ridgely
Twenty-first in the Fuertes print series. 830-831.
Mortality of Eared Grebes in Winter of 1982 - 83. 832-835.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr., Suzanne I. Bond
Autumn Book Roundup. 835.
Robert Arbib, Susan Roney Drennan, Lois Gebhardt
Horned Grebes downed by ice storm. 836-837.
Stephen W. Eaton
First nesting of the Little Gull (Larus minutus) in Quebec. 838-839.
Pierre Bannon
The Changing Seasons. 840-843.
Paul B. Hamel
The Spring Migration March 1 - May 31, 1983. 844-917.
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