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American Birds, Volume 37, Number 3 (1983)

American Birds
3 (May-June)


Purace National Park, Colombia. 247-256.
Steven L. Hilty, James R. Silliman
Peregrine Falcon feeding on bats in Suriname, South America. 257-259.
Jan Erik Pierson, Paul Donahue
Twentieth in the Fuertes print series. 260-261.
Notes on the Snail (Everglade) Kite in Cuba. 262-265.
Steven R. Beissinger, Alexander Sprunt, IV, Roderick Chandler
The Stygian Owl (Asio stygius noctipetens) in the Dominican Republic. 266-267.
Annabelle Stockton Dod
Shorebirds and noodles. 268-269.
Peter Trull
Some winter birds of Bahia de San Quintin, Baja California. 270-272.
Gary W. Kramer
December nesting of the Collared Plover in western Mexico. 273-274.
Ralph S. Widrig
A record of Blackburnian Warbler (Dendroiea fusea) for southeastern Brazil. 274.
Theodore A. Parker, III
The Changing Seasons. 275-277.
Carl E. Bock, Diane Larson
The Blue List for 1984 - Questionnaire. 278.
The Winter Season December 1, 1982 - February 28, 1983. 279-344.
Chinstrap Penguin in continental South America. 345-346.
Arnold Small
Temminck's Stint at Vancouver, British Columbia. 347-349.
Brian M. Kautesk, Robert E. Scott, David S. Aldcroft, John Ireland
Announcements. 349.
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