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American Birds, Volume 32, Number 6 (1978)

American Birds
6 (November)


Manuscripts Wanted. 1093-1094.
Observations on the Birds of Antigua. 1095-1105.
Carroll S. Holland, Janet M. Williams
The Blue List for 1979. 1106-1113.
Robert Arbib
The Composition and Seasonal Variation of Bird Losses at a Tall Tower in Southeastern North Dakota. 1114-1121.
Michael L. Avery, Paul F. Springer, J. Frank Cassel
Evidence of Westward Changes in the Range of the American Woodcock. 1122-1127.
Rod W. Smith, John S. Barclay
The Changing Seasons. 1128-1136.
William B. Robertson, Jr.
The Nesting Season June 1 - July 31, 1978. 1137-1211.
Regional reports have they any scientific value?. 1212-1214.
William B. Robertson, Jr.
Going Places: Trips and Tours, January - July, 1979. 1215-1227.
Announcements. 1229.
Letters to the Editor. 1229.
Index Volume 32 - 1978. 1230-1235.
Roversi Brown
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