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The Auk, Volume 3, Number 4 (1886)



On an Old Portrait of Audubon, Painted By Himself, and a Word About Some of His Early Drawings. 417-420.
R. W. Shufeldt.
On the Avi-Fauna of Pinal County, With Remarks on Some Birds of Pima and Gila Counties, Arizona. 421-432.
W. E. D. Scott.
Bird Notes From Long Island, N. Y.. 432-444.
William Dutcher.
The Affinities of Ch[Ae]Tura. 444-451.
Frederic A. Lucas.
Description of a New Jay From California. 452-453.
H. W. Henshaw.
The Birds of Western Manitoba--Addenda. 453.
Ernest E. Thompson.
The Birds of the West Indies, Including the Bahama Islands, the Greater and the Lesser Antilles, Excepting the Islands of Tobago and Trinidad. 454-472.
Charles B. Cory.

Recent Literature

'The Standard Natural History'--'Birds.'. 473-474.
J. A. Allen.
Brewster on 'Bird Migration.'. 474-475.
J. A. Allen.
Minor Ornithological Publications. 475-478.
J. A. Allen.
Edson on the Birds of Chatauqua County, N. Y.. 479.
J. A. Allen.
Shufeldt on the Osteology of Conurus Carolinensis and Geococcyx Californianus. 479.
J. A. Allen.
Publications Received. 479-480.

General Notes

Occurrence of the Yellow-Billed Tropic Bird In Florida. 481.
William Brewster.
The Breeding of Branta Canadensis At Reelfoot Lake, Tenn. 481.
L. O. Pindar.
Breeding of the White-Faced Glossy Ibis In Florida. 481-482.
William Brewster.
The Red Phalarope In the District of Columbia.--A Correction. 482.
Hugh M. Smith.
[Ae]Gialitis Meloda Circumcincta on the Atlantic Coast. 482-483.
J. A. Allen.
Bonasa Umbellus In the Alpine Region of South Carolina. 483.
Leverett M. Loomis.
The Type Specimen of Colinus Ridgwayi. 483.
J. A. Allen.
A Red-Headed Black Vulture. 483-484.
William Brewster.
The Swallow-Tailed Kite In Rensselaer County, New York. 484-485.
Austin F. Park.
The Barn Owl At Englewood, N. J.. 485.
Frank M. Chapman.
Carnivorous Propensities of the Crow (Corvus Americanus). 485.
F. W. Langdon.
On the Absence of Ammodramus Lecontei From Chester County, South Carolina, During the Winter of 1885-86. 486.
Leverett M. Loomis.
Occurrence of Ammodramus Caudacutus Nelsoni In Massachusetts. 486.
H. W. Henshaw.
Occurrence of Chondestes Grammacus About Washington, D. C.. 487.
H. W. Henshaw.
Lincoln's Sparrow and the Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher In Connecticut. 487.
Jno. H. Sage.
The Evening Grosbeak In Wisconsin. 487.
Samuel Wells Willard.
First Plumage of the Summer Tanager (Piranga Rubra). 487.
Charles Wickliff Beckham.
Two Additional Massachusetts Specimens of the Prothonotary Warbler (Protonotaria Citrea). 487-488.
William Brewster.
An Earlier Occurrence of the Prothonotary Warbler In Massachusetts. 488.
H. A. Purdie.
The Carolina Wren In Connecticut. 489.
Jno. H. Sage.
The Red-Breasted Nuthatch In Kentucky In Summer. 489.
C. W. Beckham.
Singular Nesting Site of Wilson's Thrush. 489.
H. B. Bailey.
The Eastern Bluebird At Fort Lyon, Colorado. 489.
P. M. Thome.
Three Interesting Birds In the American Museum of Natural History: Ammodramus Leconteii, Helinaia Swainsonii, and Saxicola [Oe]Nanthe. 489-490.
J. A. Allen.
Four Rare Birds In Northern California: Yellow Rail, Emperor Goose, European Widgeon, and Sabine's Ruffed Grouse. 490-491.
Chas. H. Townsend.


The Classification of the Macrochires. 491-495.
Notes and News. 495-496.


Descriptions of Thirteen New Species of Birds From the Island of Grand Cayman, West Indies. 497-501.
Charles B. Cory.
A List of the Birds Collected In the Island of Grand Cayman, West Indies, By W. B. Richardson, During the Summer of 1886. 501-502.
Charles B. Cory.
Index To Volume III. 503-529.

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