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American Birds, Volume 31, Number 6 (1977)

American Birds
6 (November)


The Seventh Salon of Photographs. 1075-1082.
The search for the perfect bird lens goes on. 1083-1086.
Henry Lloyd Bunker, IV
The Blue List for 1978. 1087-1096.
Robert Arbib
A Streaked Shearwater in California. 1097-1098.
Don Roberson, Joseph Morlan, Arnold Small
First record of the Pearl Kite in Panama. 1099-1100.
Jaime J. Pujals, John W. Wall, David S. Wilcove
Nesting of the Red Crossbill in Mississippi. 1100.
Randy C. Warren, Jerome A. Jackson, Tom L. Darden
Accurate recording of seabird positions at sea. 1101.
Richard A. Rowlett
Savannah Sparrow (Passerculus sandwichensis) extends its breeding range into upper Eastern Tennessee. 1101-1102.
Fred J. Alsop, III
The Changing Seasons. 1103-1109.
William B. Robertson, Jr.
The Nesting Season June 1 - July 31, 1977. 1110-1193.
Going Places: Trips and Tours, April-September 1978. 1194-1202.
Announcements. 1202-1203.
Index Volume 31 - 1977. 1204-1210.
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