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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 37, Number 4 (2003)

Journal of Raptor Research
4 (December)



Distribution, Numbers, and Site Characteristics of Spotted Owls and Barred Owls in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. 265-276.
Robert R. Pearson, Kent B. Livezey.
Temporal and Spatial Stability of Red-Tailed Hawk Territories in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico. 277-285.
Clint W. Boal, Helen A. Snyder, Brent D. Bibles, Tracy S. Estabrook.
Wintering Raptor Use of Hybrid Poplar Plantations in Northeastern Oregon. 286-291.
Brian W. Moser, G. Keith Hilpp.
Mortality of Wintering Ospreys and Other Birds at Aquaculture Facilities in Colombia. 292-298.
Marc J. Bechard, Cesar Marquez-Reyes.
Blood Chemistry, Cytology, and Body Condition in Adult Northern Goshawks (Accipiter Gentilis). 299-306.
Lauri A. Hanauska-Brown, Alfred M. Dufty, Jr., Gary J. Roloff.
Productivity and Population Trends of Ospreys in the Kawartha Lakes Region, Ontario, 1978-2001. 307-314.
Shane R. De Solla, Pamela A. Martin, Peter J. Ewins, Michael E. Barker.
Habitat Characteristics of Great Gray Owl Sites in the Siskiyou Mountains of Southwestern Oregon. 315-322.
Trevor W. Fetz, Stewart W. Janes, Heidi Lauchstedt.
Nest-Site Characteristics and Linear Abundance of Cliff-Nesting American Kestrels on San Clemente Island, California. 323-329.
Brian L. Sullivan, Eric L. Kershner, Sean P. Finn, Anne M. Condon, Douglass M. Cooper, David K. Garcelon.


Cuban Raptor-Migration Counts in 2001. 330-333.
Freddy Rodriguez Santana, Luis Melian Hernandez, Mark Martell, Keith L. Bildstein.
Territory Change and Nest-Site Switching in the Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus Barbatus). 333-337.
Antoni Margalida, Jordi Canut, Diego Garcia.
Immature Northern Goshawk Captures, Kills, and Feeds on Adult-Sized Wild Turkey. 337-340.
Gregory H. Golet, Henry T. Golet, Albie M. Colton.
A Helper at the Nest of Peregrine Falcons in Northern Japan. 340-342.
Takashi Kurosawa, Reiko Kurosawa.
Two Cases of Cooperative Breeding in Eurasian Hobbies. 342-344.
Inigo Zuberogoitia, Jose Antonio Martinez, Ainara Azkona, Agurtzane Iraeta, Inaki Castillo, Ral Alonso, Sonia Hidalgo.
Food Habits of Peregrine Falcons in Kentucky. 344-349.
Kristina M. Carter, Michael J. Lacki, Matthew R. Dzialak, Laura S. Burford, Ronald O. Bethany.


Harris's Hawk Dies After Colliding With Motor Vehicle. 350-351.


Book Review. 352-353.


Information for Contributors. 354-357.


Index To Volume 37. 358-363.
Jaimie Varner.

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