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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 37, Number 3 (2003)

Journal of Raptor Research
3 (September)



Behavior and Prey of Nesting Red-Shouldered Hawks in Southwestern Ohio. 177-187.
Cheryl R. Dykstra, Jeffrey L. Hays, Melinda M. Simon, F. Bernard Daniel.
Red-Shouldered Hawk (Buteo Lineatus) Abundance and Habitat in a Reclaimed Mine Landscape. 188-197.
Melissa J. Balcerzak, Petra Bohall Wood.
Efficacy of Male Goshawk Food-Delivery Calls in Broadcast Surveys on Vancouver Island. 198-208.
Erica L. Mcclaren, Patricia L. Kennedy, Phillip L. Chapman.
Reproductive Success, Environmental Contaminants, and Trophic Status of Nesting Bald Eagles in Eastern Newfoundland, Canada. 209-218.
Laura Dominguez, William A. Montevecchi, Neil M. Burgess, Joe Brazil, Keith A. Hobson.
Habitat and Nest-Site Use By Red-Tailed Hawks in Northwestern Wyoming. 219-227.
Roger N. Smith, Stanley H. Anderson, Steven L. Cain, Jeffrey R. Dunk.
Nest and Roost Habitat Characteristics of the Grey-Faced Buzzard in Northeastern China. 228-235.
Wen-Hong Deng, Gao Wei, Zheng Guang-Mei.
Food Habits and Foraging Ecology of American Kestrels in the Semiarid Forests of Central Argentina. 236-243.
Jose Hernan Sarasola, Miguel Angel Santillon, Maximiliano Adrian Galmes.


Vertebrate Prey in the Diet of Flammuiated Owls in Northern Utah. 244-246.
M. David Oleyar, Cari D. Marti, Markus Mika.
Nesting Habitat of Cooper's Hawks in Northern Great Plains Woodlands. 246-252.
Melvin P. Nenneman, Todd A. Grant, Marriah L. Sondreal, Robert K. Murphy.
Dynamics and Temporal Variation in Age Structure at a Communal Roost of Egyptian Vultures (Neophron Percnopterus) in Northeastern Spain. 252-256.
Antoni Margalida, Jennifer Boudet.
Diet of Three Sympatric Owls in Steppe Habitats of Eastern Kazakhstan. 256-258.
Joan Navarro, Jose Antonio Sanchez-Zapata, Martina Carrete, Francisco Botella, Andrei Gavrilov, Sergei Sklyarenko, Jose Antonio Donazar, Olga Ceballos, Fernando Hiraldo.


An Unusual Case of Adoption of a Golden Eagle (Aquila Chrysaetos) Chick in the Mala Fatra Mountains, Northwestern Slovakia. 259-260.
Siblicide and Cannibalism in the Booted Eagle (Hieeaaetus Pennatus) in the Tietar Valley, Central Spain. 261.


Book Review. 262-263.

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