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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 37, Number 2 (2003)

Journal of Raptor Research
2 (June)


Peregrine Falcon Predation on Dunlins and Ducks and Kleptoparasitic Interference from Bald Eagles Winteringat Boundarybay, British Columbia. 91-97.
Dick Dekker.
The 2000 Canadian Peregrine Falcon Survey. 98-116.
Petra Rowell, Geoffrey L. Holroyd, Ursula Banasch.
Breeding Season Habitat Use and Ecology of Male Northern Pygmy-Owls. 117-124.
Alan R. Giese T, Eric D. Forsman.
Habitat Use by Swainson's Hawks on their Austral Wintering Grounds in Argentina. 125-134.
Sonia B. Canavelli, Marc J. Bechard, Brian Woodbridge, Michael N. Kochert, Juan J. Maceda, Maria E. Zaccagnini.
Raptor and Chihuahuan Raven Nesting on Decommissioned Telephone-Line Poles in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert. 135-146.
Don L. Brubaker, Kathleen L. Brubaker, Bruce C. Thompson.


Aerial Telemetry Accuracy in a Forested Landscape. 147-151.
Travis L. De Vault, Warren L. Stephens, Bradley D. Reinhart, Olin E. Rhodes, Jr., I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr.
Perch-Site Selection and Spatial Use by Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-Owls in South-Central Arizona. 151-157.
Aaron D. Flesch.
Interspecific and Intraspecific Kleptoparasitic Interactions of the Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus Barbatus) at Nesting Areas. 157-160.
Antoni Margalida, Joan Bertran.
Gyrfalcon Predation on Mallards and the Interaction of Bald Eagles Wintering in Central Alberta. 161-163.
Dick Dekker, Gordon Court.
Wintering Snowy Owls Feed on Sea Ducks in the Belcher Islands, Nunavut, Canada. 164-166.
Gregory J. Robertson, H. Grant Gilchrist.
The Colonization of Sicily by the Black Kite (Milvus Migrans). 167-172.
Maurizio Sara.


Gyrfalcon Color Variation. 173-174.
Two White-Tailed Sea Eagles (Haliaeetus Albicilla) Collide With Wind Generators in Northern Germany. 174-176.
Talon-Locking in the Red-Tailed Hawk. 176.

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