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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 37, Number 1 (2003)

Journal of Raptor Research
1 (March)


Copulation Behavior of a Potentially Double-Brooded Bird of Prey, the Black-Winged Kite (Elanus Caeruleus). 1-7.
Juan J. Ferrero, Juan M. Grande, Juan J. Negros
Mortality, Morbidity, and Lead Poisoning of Eagles in Western Canada, 1986-98. 8-18.
Mark Wayland, Laurie K. Wilson, John E. Elliott, Michael J. R. Miller, Trent Bollinger, Malcolm McAdie, Ken Langelier, Jonathan Keating, Jennifer M. W. Froese
Abundance of Soaring Raptors in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. 19-30.
Santi Manosa, Eduardo Mateos, Vittorio Pedrocchi
Differential Spring Migration of Adult and Juvenile Levant Sparrowhawks (Accipiter Brevipes) through Eilat, Israel. 31-36.
Reuven Yosef, Lorenzo Fornasari, Piotr Tryjanowski, Marc J. Bechard, Gregory S. Kaltenecker, Keith Bildstein
Vocal Development in American Kestrel (Falco Sparverius) Nestlings. 37-43.
John A. Smallwood, Valerie Dudajek, Sivajini Gilchrist, Mary Anne Smallwood
Morphometrics and Status of Ayres's Hawk-Eagle in Zimbabwe. 44-54.
Ronald R. Hartley, Peter J. Mundy.
Breeding Density and Altitudinal Distribution of the Ural, Tawny, and Boreal Owls in North Dinaric Alps (Central Slovenia). 55-62.
Al Vrezec.


Fall Migration Of the White-Tailed Hawk in Central Bolivia. 63-64.
Cristian Olivo.
Nocturnal Arrival, at a Roost By Migrating Levant Sparrowhawks. 64-67.
Reuven Yosef.
Nesting Distribution, Food Habits, and Conservation Of Osprey On Boavista Island (Archipelago Of Cape Verde). 67-70.
Diego Ontiveros.
Red-Shouldered Hawk and Aplomado Falcon from Quaternary Asphalt Deposits in Cuba. 71-75.
William Suarez, Storrs L. Olson.
Subadult and Pale Steppe Eagles Breeding in Mongolia. 75-77.
David H. Ellis.
Two Large Bald Eagle Communal Winter Roosts in Utah. 78-83.
Robert Wilson, James A. Gessaman.


First Breeding Record for Falco Peregrinus in Urban Lima, Peru, with Remarks On the Peruvian Breeding Population. 84-85.
Lone Harris's Hawk Kills Great Blue Heron. 85-86.
Book Reviews. 87-88.

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