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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 35, Number 4 (2001)

Journal of Raptor Research
4 (December)


The Second International Burrowing Owl Symposium: Background and Context. 269-273
Troy I. Wellicome, Geoffrey L. Holroyd


An Initial Examination of Mitochondrial DNA Structure in Burrowing Owl Populations. 274-281
Martha J. Desmond, Thomas J. Parsons, Thomas O. Powers, Julie A. Savidge
Dispersal Patterns and Post-Fledging Mortality of Juvenile Burrowing Owls in Saskatchewan. 282-287
L. Danielle Todd
Synchronous and Delayed Numerical Responses of a Predatory Bird Community to a Vole Outbreak on the Canadian Prairies. 288-295
Ray G. Poulin, Troy I. Wellicome, L. Danielle Todd
Nesting Ecology of Burrowing Owls Occupying Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Towns in Southeastern Montana. 296-303
Marco Restani, Larry R. Rau, Dennis L. Flath
Nocturnal Foraging and Habitat Use by Male Burrowing Owls in a Heavily-Cultivated Region of Southern Saskatchewan. 304-309
Robert A. Sissons, Karyn L. Scalise, Troy I. Wellicome


Burrowing Owl Population-Trend Surveys in Southern Alberta: 1991-2000. 310-315
Darcey T. Shyry, Troy I. Wellicome, Josef K. Schmutz, Gary L. Erickson, Dave L. Scobie, Reg F. Russell, Rick G. Martin
Occurrence of Burrowing Owls in Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Colonies on Great Plains National Grasslands. 316-321
John G. Sidle, Mark Ball, Timothy Byer, James J. Chynoweth, Gary Foli, Robert Hodorff, Glen Moravek, Richard Peterson, Daniel N. Svingen
Status of the Burrowing Owl in North Dakota. 322-330
Robert K. Murphy, Kristin W. Hasselblad, Chris D. Grondahl, John G. Sidle, Ron E. Martin, David W. Freed
Status and Attempted Reintroduction of Burrowing Owls in Minnesota, U.S.A.. 331-336
Mark S. Martell, John Schladweiler, Francesca Cuthbert
A Preliminary Assessment of Burrowing Owl Population Status in Wyoming. 337-343
Nicole M. Koreanta, Loren W. Ayers, Stanley H. Anderson, David B. Mcdonald
The Howdy Owls of Arizona: A Review of the Status of Athene Cunicularia. 344-350
Nikolle L. Brown
Current Status, Distribution, and Conservation of the Burrowing Owl in Oklahoma. 351-356
Steven R. Sheffield, Mark Howery
Distribution of Burrowing Owls on Public and Private Lands in Colorado. 357-361
Tammy L. Vercauteren, Scott W. Gillihan, Scott W. Hutchings
Analyses of Burrowing Owl Populations in New Mexico. 362-370
Patricia C. Arrowood, Carol A. Finley, Bruce C. Thompson


A Population Decline Recorded by Operation Burrowing Owl in Saskatchewan. 371-377
Margaret A. Skeel, Jeff Keith, Carla S. Palaschuk
Development of a Habitat Suitability Index Model for Burrowing Owls in the Eastern Canadian Prairies. 378-384
Tanys V. Uhmann, Norm C. Kenkel, Richard K. Baydack
Burrowing Owls and Development: Short-Distance Nest Burrow Relocation to Minimize Construction Impacts. 385-391
Brian W. Smith, James R. Belthoff
Burrowing Owl Reintroduction Efforts in the Thompson-Nicola Region of British Columbia. 392-398
Ernest E. Leupin, David J. Low
Conservation of the Burrowing Owl in Western North America: Issues, Challenges, and Recommendations. 399-407
Geoffrey L. Holroyd, Ricardo Rodriguez-Estrella, Steven R. Sheffield
Information for Contributors. 408-411
Index to Volume 35. 412-418
Allison Fowler

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