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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 35, Number 1 (2001)

Journal of Raptor Research
1 (March)


Low Productivity of Bald Eagles on Prince of Wales Island, Southeast Alaska. 1-8.
Robert G. Anthony
Dispersal of Juvenile and Immature Bonelli's Eagles in Northeastern Spain. 9-14.
Joan Real, Santi Manosa
Estimating the Breeding Population of Booted Eagles in the Cape Province, South Africa. 15-19.
David Pepler, Rob Martin, Hubertus J. Van Hensbergen
Sex Determination in Booted Eagles (Hieraaetus Pennatus) Using Molecular Procedures and Discriminant Function Analysis. 20-23.
Javier Balbontin, Miguel Ferrer, Eva Casado
The Annual and Diel Cycles of Goshawk Vocalizations at Nest Sites. 24-30.
Vincenzo Penteriani
Breeding Rates of Eurasian Kestrels (Falco Tinnunculus) in Relation To Surrounding Habitat in Southwest Spain. 31-34.
Jesus M. Aviles, Juan M. Sanchez, Deseada Parejo
The Migration of Steppe Eagles (Aquila Nipalensis) and Other Raptors in Central Nepal, Autumn 1999. 35-39.
Robert Decandido, Deborah Allen, Keith L. Bildstein
Density, Productivity, Diet, and Human Persecution of Golden Eagles (Aquila Chrysaetos) in the Central-Eastern Italian Alps. 40-48.
Paolo Pedrini, Fabrizio Sergio
Management of Nonreleasable Raptors for Conservation Education Programs. 49-57.
Joe N. Caudell, Ken A. Riddleberger, Jr.


Winter Roosting Behavior of American Kestrels. 58-61.
Daniel R. Ardia
Diet and Prey Selection of Nonbreeding Peregrine Falcons in an Urban Habitat of Italy. 61-64.
Gianluca Serra, Maria Lucentini, Simona Romano
Bald Eagles Killed by Trains in New York State. 64-65.
Ward B. Stone, Peter E. Nye, Joseph C. Okoniewski
Early Nesting by Great Horned Owls in Montana. 66-67.
Denver W. Holt, Stacy Drasen
Diet of the Short-Eared Owl in Northwestern Argentina. 68-69.
Sebastian Cirignoli, Dario H. Podesta, Ulyses F. J. Pardinas
A Survey of Raptors on Rhodes: An Example of Human Impacts on Raptor Abundance and Distribution. 70-71.
Arianna Aradis, Giuseppe M. Carpaneto
The Incidence of Intestinal Parasites in British Birds of Prey. 71-73.
Nigel W. H. Barton, David C. Houston


First Sight Record of the King Vulture in Baja California, Mexico. 74.
Probable Replacement Clutches by Booted Eagles (Hieraaetus Pennatus) in the Tietar River Valley of Central Spain. 75.
Book Reviews. 76-78.
Manuscript Referees. 79.

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