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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 34, Number 4 (2000)

Journal of Raptor Research
4 (December)



A Partial Post-Juvenile Molt and Transitional Plumage in the Shikra (Accipiter Badius) and Grey Frog Hawk (Accipiter Soloensis). 249-261.
Marc Herremans, Michel Louette.
Turnover and Dispersal of Prairie Falcons in Southwestern Idaho. 262-269.
Robert N. Lehman, Karen Steenhof, Leslie B. Carpenter, Michael N. Kochert.
Roost Sites of Radio-Marked Mexican Spotted Owls in Arizona and New Mexico: Sources of Variability and Descriptive Characteristics. 270-278.
Joseph L. Ganey, William M. Block, Rudy M. King.
Barred Owl and Spotted Owl Populations and Habitat in the Central Cascade Range of Washington. 279-286.
Dale R. Herter, Lorin L. Hicks.
Food Habits of Bald Eagles Wintering in Northern Arizona. 287-292.
Teryl G. Grubb, Roy G. Lopez.
Nest Features and Nest-Tree Characteristics of Short-Toed Eagles (Circaetus Gallicus) in the Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli Forest, Northeastern Greece. 293-298.
Dimitris E. Bakaloudis, Christos G. Vlachos, Graham J. Holloway.
Are Northern Saw-Whet Owls Nomadic?. 299-304.
Jeffrey S. Marks, John H. Doremus.
Relationship Between Raptors and Rabbits in the Diet of Eagle Owls in Southwestern Europe: Competition Removal Or Food Stress?. 305-310.
David Serrano.
An Evaluation of Methyl Anthranilate, Aminoacetophenone, and Unfamiliar Coloration as Feeding Repellents to American Kestrels. 311-318.
Michael K. Nicholls, Oliver P. Love, David M. Bird.


Responsiveness of Nesting Eurasian Kestrels Falco Tinnunculus to Call Playbacks. 319-321.
Luca Salvati, Alberto Manganaro, Simone Fattorini.
The Breeding Success of Tawny Owls (Strix Aluco) in a Mediterranean Area: a Long-Term Study in Urban Rome. 322-326.
Lamberto Ranazzi, Alberto Manganaro, Luca Salvati.
Noctural Activity of Lesser Kestrels Under Artificial Lighting Conditions in Seville, Spain. 327-329.
Juan Jose Negro, Javier Bustamante, Ciro Melguizo, Jose Luis Ruiz, Juan Manuel Grande.
Nest-Site Characteristics of Crested Caracaras in La Pampa, Argentina. 330-333.
Michael I. Goldstein.
Diet of the Barn Owl (Tyto Alba Tuidara) in Northwestern Argentine Patagonia. 334-338.
Maria S. Pillado, Ana Trejo.


Diet of Breeding Northern Goshawks in the Coast Range of Oregon. 339-340.
First Dark Morph Brood of Montagu's Harriers (Circus Pygargus) in 14 Years in Italy. 340-341.
Book Review. 342.
Information for Contributors. 343-346.


Index to Volume 34. 347-352.
Elise Vernon Schmidt.

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