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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 34, Number 1 (2000)

Journal of Raptor Research
1 (March)



First-Year Movements by Juvenile Mexican Spotted Owls in the Canyonlands of Utah. 1-7.
David W. Willey, Charles Van Riper, Iii.
Distribution, Population Size and Habitat use of the RÉUnion Marsh Harrier, Circus M. Maillardi. 8-17.
Vincent Bretagnolle, Thomas Ghestemme, Jean-Marc Thiollay, Carole Attie.
Nest-Site Selection and Reproductive Success of Urban Red-Shouldered Hawks in Central California. 18-25.
Stephen C. Rottenborn.
Habitat use by Red-Tailed Hawks Wintering in the Delta Region of Arkansas. 26-32.
Heath D. Garner, James C. Bednarz.
An Evaluation of the Andean Condor Population in Northern Ecuador. 33-36.
Marcus T. Koenen, Sarah Gale Koenen, Norma Yanezs.


Summary of Philippine Eagle Reproductive Success, 1978-98. 37-41.
Hector C. Miranda, Jr., Dennis I. Salvador, Jayson C. Ibanez, Gliceria A. Balaquit-IbanEz.
Diet of Autumn Migrating Northern Saw-Whet Owls on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. 42-44.
David M. Whalen, Bryan D. Watts, David W. Johnston.
Breeding Biology of the Eurasian Kestrel in the Steppes of Southwestern Spain. 45-48.
J. M. Aviles, J. M. Sanchez, A. Sanchez.
Breeding Densities and Habitat Attributes of Golden Eagles in Southeastern Spain. 48-52.
Martina Carrete, Jose Antonio Sanchez-Zapata, Jose Francisco Calvo.
Trapping Estimates for Saker and Peregrine Falcons Used for Falconry in the United Arab Emirates. 53-55.
Nigel W. H. Barton.
First Confirmed Breeding Records and Other Incidental Sightings of Northern Harriers in Labrador. 56-57.
E. Chubbs, Bruce Mactavish, Keith Oram, Perry G. Trimper.


First North American Record of a Melanistic Female Northern Harrier. 58-59.
Observations at an Ayres' Hawk-Eagle Nest in Kibale National Park, Uganda. 59-60.
A Case of Nest Predation on Turkey Vultures Nesting in Argentina. 60.
Decline of the Egyptian Vulture (Neophron Percnopterus) in the Canary Islands. 61.


How Bearded Vultures (Gypaetus Barbatus) Acquire Their Orange Coloration: a Comment on Xirouchakis (1998). 62-63.
Juan Jose Negro, Antoni Margalida.

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