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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 31, Number 3 (1997)

Journal of Raptor Research
3 (September)

A Raptor Survey in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. 203-207.
Santi MaÑOsa, Vittorio Pedrocchi
Breeding Density and Landscape-Level Habitat Selection of Common Buzzards (Buteo Buteo) in a Mountain Area (Abruzzo Apennines, Italy). 208-212.
Vincenzo Penteriani, Bruno Faivre
Variations in Breeding Bald Eagle Responses to Jets, Light Planes and Helicopters. 213-222.
Teryl G. Grubb, William W. Bowerman
Productivity of Golden Eagles Wearing Backpack Radiotransmitters. 223-227.
John M. Marzluff, Mark S. Vekasy, Michael N. Kochert, Karen Steenhof
Crested Caracara Food Habits in the Cape Region of Baja California, Mexico. 228-233.
Ricardo Rodr
Remarkable Saker Falcon (Falco Cherrug) Breeding Records for Mongolia. 234-240.
David H. Ellis, Merlin H. Ellis, Pu. Tsengeg
Spatial Incidence of Barred Owl (Strix Varia) Reproduction in Old-Growth Forest of the Appalachian Plateau. 241-252.
J. Christopher Haney
Habitat Associations of the Barred Owl in the Boreal Forest of Saskatchewan, Canada. 253-259.
Kurt M. Mazur, Paul C. James, Michael J. Fitzsimmons, Gido Langen, Richard H. M. Espie
The Winter Roosting Behavior of Eastern Screech-Owls in Central Kentucky. 260-266.
Tara A. Duguay, Gary Ritchison, Jeffrey P. Duguay
Nutrient Content of Five Species of Domestic Animals Commonly Fed to Captive Raptors. 267-272.
Nancy J. Clum, Marianne P. Fitzpatrick, Ellen S. Dierenfeld
Book Review. 290-292.
Abstracts of Presentations Made At the Annual Meeting of the Raptor Research Foundation, Inc. , Held At Gainesville, Florida, 1986. 293-301.
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