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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 30, Number 4 (1996)

Journal of Raptor Research
4 (December)

Survival, Movements and Habitat Use of Aplomado Falcons Released in Southern Texas. 175-182.
Christopher J. Perez, Phillip J. Zwank, David W. Smith
Results of a Raptor Survey in Southwestern New Mexico. 183-188.
Wade L. Eakle, E. Linwood Smith, Stephen W. Hoffman, Dale W. Stahlecker, Russell B. Duncan
Breeding Range and Conservation of Flammulated Owls (Otus Flammeolus) in Nevada. 189-193.
Susie Dunham, Larry Butcher, David A. Charlet, J. Michael Reed
A Banding Study of Cincinnati Area Great Horned Owls. 194-197.
John B. Holt Jr.
Effects of Pesticides on Owls in North America. 198-206.
Lawrence J. Blus
Use of Free Ranging American Kestrels and Nest Boxes for Contaminant Risk Assessment Sampling: a Field Application. 207-212.
Randall A. Craft, Karen P. Craft
Variabilityamong Individual American Kestrels (Falco Sparverius) in Parts of Day-Old Chicks Eaten, Pellet Size, and Pellet Egestion Frequency. 213-218.
Gary E. Duke, Amy L. Tereick, James K. Reynhout, David M. Bird, Allen E. Place
Factors Influencing the Size of Some Internal Organs in Raptors. 219-223.
Nigel W. Barton, David C. Houston
Age and Sex Differences in Molt of the Montagu's Harrier
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