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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 29, Number 3 (1995)

Journal of Raptor Research
3 (September)



Spatial Overlap and Habitat Associations of Barred Owls and Great Horned Owls in Southern New Jersey. 151-157.
Kim J. Laidig, David S. Dobkin.
Productivity, Food Habits, and Behavior of Swainson's Hawks Breeding in Southeast Colorado. 158-165.
David E. Andersen.
Ecological Relationships Between Nesting Swainson's and Red-Tailed Hawks in Southeastern Idaho. 166-171.
R. W. Hansen, L. D. Flake.
Scaling Swainson's Hawk Population Density for Assessing Habitat use Across an Agricultural Landscape. 172-178.
K. Shawn Smallwood.
Nest-Site Selection and Reproductive Performance of Urban-Nesting Swainson's Hawks in the Central Valley of California. 179-186.
A. Sidney England, James A. Estep, Waldo R. Holt.
Reproductive Performance, Age Structure, and Natal Dispersal of Swainson's Hawks in the Butte Valley, California. 187-192.
Brian Woodbridge, Karen K. Finley, Peter H. Bloom.
Home Range and Habitat use of Breeding Swainson's Hawks in the Sacramento Valley of California. 193-197.
Keith W. Babcock.
Declining Reproduction Among Swainson's Hawks in Prairie Canada. 198-201.
C. Stuart Houston, Josef K. Schmutz.


An Investigation of the Swainson's Hawk in Argentina. 202-204.
Brian Woodbridge, Karen K. Finley, S. Trent Seager.
Recovery of a Resident Population of Osprey on Corsica. 204-207.
Jean-Claude Thibault, Vincent Bretagnolle, Jean-Marie Dominici.
A Comparison of Two Methods for Studying the Diet of the Peregrine Falcon. 207-210.
Daniel Oro, Jose L. Tella.
Cooperative Nesting by a Trio of Bald Eagles. 210-213.
David K. Garcelon, Gary L. Slater, Christopher D. Danilson, Roger C. Helm.


Attacks on Livestock by Eurasian Griffons in Northern Spain. 214.
Book Reviews. 215-221.
Jeffrey S. Marks.

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