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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 28, Number 3 (1994)

Journal of Raptor Research
3 (September)



A Symposium on Using Nest Boxes to Study Raptors: Do the Boxes Provide Virtual Reality?. 125-126.
Frederick R. Gehlbagh
Effect of Nest-Box Size on Nest-Site Preference and Reproduction in American Kestrels. 127-133.
Gary R. Bortolotti
Value of Nest Boxes for Population Studies and Conservation of Owls in Coniferous Forests in Britain. 134-142.
Steve J. Petty, Geoff Shaw, David I. K. Anderson
Facts and Artefacts in Nest-Box Studies: Implications for Studies of Birds of Prey. 143-148.
Anders Pape MØLler
Selection and Use of Nest Sites by Barn Owls in Norfolk, England. 149-153.
Paul N. Johnson
Nest-Box Versus Natural-Cavity Nests of the Eastern Screech-Owl: an Exploratory Study. 154-157.
Frederick R. Gehlbach
The Post-Fledging Dependence Period of the Lesser Kestrel (Falco Naumanni) in Southwestern Spain. 158-163.
Javier Bustamante, Juan Jos
Habitat Characteristics of Great Horned Owls in Southcentral Pennsylvania. 164-170.
Thomas E. Morrell, Richard H. Yahner
Parent-Offspring Relations During the Post-Fledging Dependency Period in the Black Kite (Milvus Migrans) in Japan. 171-177.
Kimiya Koga, Satoshi Sniraishi
Hematology and Occurrence of Hemoparasites in Migrating Sharp-Shinned Hawks (Accipiter Striatus) During Fall Migration. 178-185.
Lauren V. Powers, Mark Pokras, Kim Rio, Cathy Viverette, Laurie Goodrich
A Raptor Roadside Survey in Western Turkey and Eastern Greece. 186-191.
Wade L. Eakle


Preparation of Avian Material Recovered from Pellets and as Prey Remains. 192-193.
Beth Ann Sabo, Roxie C. Laybourne.
Use of Mist Nets and a Live Great Horned Owl to Capture Breeding American Kestrels. 194-196.
Karen Steenhof, George P. Carpenter, James C. Bednarz.


Hook and Loop Tabs for Attaching a Dho-Gaza. 197-198.


Book Reviews. 199-203.
Jeffrey S. Marks
In Memoriam: Richard R. Olendorff 1943-1994. 204.

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