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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 27, Number 1 (1993)

Journal of Raptor Research
1 (March)



Characteristics of Spotted Owl Nest Trees in the Wenatchee National Forest. 1-7.
Joseph B. Buchanan, Larry L. Irwin, Edwin L. Mccutchen.
Home Ranges of Adult and Juvenile Eastern Screech-Owls: Size, Seasonal Variation and Extent of Overlap. 8-15.
James R. Belthoff, Earl J. Sparks, Gary Ritchison.
Parental Care, Nestling Behaviors and Nestling Interactions in a Mississippi Kite (Ictinia Mississippiensis) Nest. 16-20.
Eugene S. Botelho, Antonio L. Gennaro, Patricia C. Arrowood.
Cryopreservation of American Kestrel Semen with Dimethylsulfoxide. 21-25.
George F. Gee, G. A. Morrell, J. C. Franson, O. H. Pattee.
Loss of Cooper'S Hawk Nesting Habitat To Suburban Development: Inadequate Protection for a State-Endangered Species. 26-30.
Thomas Bosakowski, Robert Speiser, Dwight G. Smith, Lawrence J. Niles.


Sex Differences in Nesting Site Attendance by Peregrine Falcons (Falco Peregrinus Brookei). 31-34.
Pascal Garlier.
Are Bald Eagles Important Predators of Emperor Geese? 34-36.
Robert E. Gill, Jr., Karen L. Kincheloe.
Birds Present in Pellets of Tyto Alba (Strigiformes, Tytonidae) from Casa De Piedra, Argentina. 37-38.
Jorge I. Noriega, Rosana M. Arambura, Enrique R. Justo, Luciano J. M. De Santis.
Great Horned Owls do not Egest Pellets Prematurely when Presented with a New Meal. 39-41.
Gary E. Duke, Sue Jackson, Oral A. Evanson.
A Comparison of Home Range Estimates for a Bald Eagle Wintering in New Mexico. 42-45.
Dale W. Stahlecker, Timothy G. Smith.


Presumptive Foraging Association Between Sharp-Shinned Hawks (Accipiter Striatus) and White-Faced Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus Capucinus). 46-47.
Roosting American Kestrels (Falco Sparverius) during Migration in Saskatchewan. 47-49.
First Record of Dilute Plumage in Roadside Hawk (Buteo Magmrostns). 49.
Review. 50.
News. 51-52.
Abstracts of Presentations Made At the Annual Meeting of the Raptor Research Foundation, Inc., Held At Bellevue, Washington, On 11-15 November 1992. 53-96.

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