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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 23, Number 3 (1989)

Journal of Raptor Research
3 (Fall)



Investigations of the Decline of Swainson's Hawk Populations in California. 63-71.
Robert W. Risebrough, Ronald W. Schlorff, Peter H. Bloom, Edward E. Littrell.
Censusing of Diurnal Raptors in a Primary Rain Forest: Comparative Methods and Species Detectability. 72-84.
Jean-Marc Thiollay.
Natural History of the American Kestrel in Venezuela. 85-93.
Thomas G. Balgooyen.
Observations on Post-Fledging Dependence of Kestrels (Falco Tinnunculus Rupicolus) in an Urban Environment. 94-98.
Joris Komen, Elizabeth Myer.
Responses of Breeding American Kestrels to Live and Mounted Great Horned Owls. 99-102.
Nicholas W. Gard, David M. Bird, Robin Densmore, Manon Hamel.
Observations of a Zone-Tailed Hawk Family During the Post Fledging Period. 103-106.
F. Hiraldo, M. Delibes, R. R. Estrella.


Eggs of Captive Crested Eagles (Morphnus Guianensis). 107-108.
Lloyd F. Kiff, Michael P. Wallace, Nathan B. Gale.
Serum Estradiol-17Β and Testosterone Levels in Great Horned Owls (Bubo Virgimanus). 108-110.
Susan A. Mainka, George J. Halmazna, Lori M. Rogers.
Changes in Winter Distribution of Bald Eagles along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, Arizona. 110-113.
Bryan T. Brown, Robert Mesta, Lawrence E. Stevens, John Weisheit.
Egg Measurements from a Northern Goshawk (Accipiter Gentilis Gentilis) Including One Abnormally Large Egg with Twin Embryos. 113-115.
S. J. Petty, D. I. K. Anderson.
Unusual Roost Site Selection and Staging Behavior of Black-Shouldered Kites. 116-117.
William S. Clark, Brian K. Wheeler.
The Bartos Trap: a New Raptor Trap. 117-120.
Robert Bartos, Penny Olsen, Jerry Olsen.
Observations of Autumnal Courtship Behavior in Peregrine Falcons. 121-122.
A. J. Meier, R. E. Noble, P. M. Mckenzie.


Egg Quality, Nestling Development and Dispersal in the Sparrowhawk (Accipiter Nisus). 123.
Trends in Geographic Variation of Cooper's Hawk and Northern Goshawk: a Multivariate Analysis. 123.
The Biogeochemistry of Nearctic Peregrine Falcons. 124.


News and Reviews. 124.

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