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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 21, Number 2 (1987)

Journal of Raptor Research
2 (Summer)



Propagation of Captive Eastern Screech-Owls. 49-56.
Stanley N. Wiemeyer.
Behavior and Habitat use of Breeding Northern Harriers in Southwestern Idaho. 57-66.
John W. Martin.


Peregrine Falcon Nest Defense Against a Golden Eagle. 67.
Larry L. Hays.
Observations of a Radio-Tagged Golden Eagle Terminating Fall Migration. 68-70.
Roger D. Applegate, Daniel D. Berger, William W. Coghran, Arlo J. Raim.
Fertility and Hatchability of Falcon Eggs after Insemination with Frozen Peregrine Falcon Semen. 70-72.
John E. Parks, Victor Hardaswick.
Northern Harrier (Circus Cyaneus) Predation on Wintering Waterfowl. 72-73.
Ralph D. Godfrey, Jr., Alan M. Fedynich.
Common Barn-Owls from Captive Propagation Found Nesting in the Wild. 74.
Robert J. Henke, Walter C. Crawford.
Apparent Increase in a Griffon Vulture (Gyps Fulvus) Population in Spain. 75-77.
Jose Antonio Donazar.
Northern Pygmy-Owl Nests in Northeastern Oregon. 77-78.
Evelyn L. Bull, Janet E. Hohmann, Mark G. Henjum.


Energy Requirements and Food Resource of the Cape Vulture Gyps Coprotheres in the Magaliesberg, Transvaal. 79.
Ecological Research on the Japanese Golden Eagle Aquila Chrysaetos Japonica During the Post-Fledging Period in the Hakusan Range. 79-80.
Aspects of the Ecology, Food Habits and Foraging Characteristics of Gyrfalcons in the Central Canadian Arctic. 80.
Post-Fledging Behavior of the Eastern Screech-Owl (Otus Asio). 80-81.
The Feeding, Roosting, and Perching Behavior of the Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus Leucocephalus) of Mason Neck, Virginia with Special Reference To the Development of Mason Neck State Park. 81-82.
News and Reviews. 82-83.

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