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Journal of Raptor Research, Volume 21, Number 1 (1987)

Journal of Raptor Research
1 (Spring)


Commentary: Year-End Message from the President, January 1987. 1.
Commentary: the Journal of Raptor Research: a New Beginning. 2.
Prey Selection of Common Barn-Owls on Islands and Mainland Sites. 3-7.
David W. Johnston, James M. Hill.
Notes on the Breeding Biology of the Long-Legged Buzzard (Buteo Rufinus) in Bulgaria. 8-13.
Iliya Ts. Vatev.
The Effect of Vegetative Cover on Foraging Strategies, Hunting Success and Nesting Distribution of American Kestrels in Central Missouri. 14-20.
Brian R. Toland.
Raptor Care and Rehabilitation: Precedents, Progress and Potential. 21-26.
John E. Cooper.
Habitat Selection and Behavior of Nesting Bald Eagles in Louisiana. 27-31.
James O. Harris, Phillip J. Zwank, Joseph A. Dugoni.


Piracy, Insectivory and Cannibalism of Prairie Falcons (Falco Mexicanus) Nesting in Southwestern Idaho. 32-33.
Anthonie M. A. Holthuijzen, Peter A. Duley, Joan C. Hager, Scott A. Smith, Kristin N. Wood.
Atypical Incubation Rates at a New Mexico Peregrine Falcon Eyrie. 33-35.
Anthony P. Clevenger.
Nest Site Characteristics of Prairie Falcons in the Mojave Desert, California. 35-38.
Douglas A. Boyce, Jr..
Adult Pair of Merlins in Southern Utah in June. 38-39.
James E. Sailer.
Commentary: C.I.T.E.S. Classification of the Gyrfalcon. 40.
Instructions for Contributors. 41-43.


Population Dynamics, Habitat use and Movement Patterns of the Prairie Falcon (Falco Mexicanus). 44.
Reviewers for Raptor Research, 1986. 44.


Sonagraphic Identification of Individual Breeding Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus Leucocephalus) in Arizona. 45.
Habitat Selection, Movements and Activity of Boreal and Saw-Whet Owls. 45.
Range, Activity, and Habitat use by Nesting Flammulated Owls in a Colorado Ponderosa Pine Forest. 45-46.
Resource Partitioning in an Assemblage of Breeding Raptors from Southeastern Wyoming. 46.
News and Reviews. 46-48.

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