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The Auk, Volume 1, Number 4 (1884)



The Canada Goose (Bernicla Canadensis.). 309-313.
James P. Howley.
Birds of the Lower Uruguay. 313-319.
Walter B. Barrows.
On Some New Terms Recommended For Use In Zoological Nomenclature. 320-322.
Professor Coues.
A Study of the Singing of Our Birds. 322-332.
Eugene P. Bicknell.
The Distribution and Migration of Zonotrichia Querula. 332-337.
W. W. Cooke.
Zoological Nomenclature. 338-353.
J. A. Allen.
Collecting In the Colorado Desert--Leconte's Thrasher. 353-358.
F. Stephens.
Analecta Ornithologica. Third Series. 358-367.
Leonhard Stejneger.
A Note on the Genus Progne. 367-368.
R. Bowdler Sharpe.
A New Subspecies of Willow Grouse From Newfoundland. 369.
Dr. L. Stejneger.
Second Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 369-379.

Recent Literature

Brewster on Birds Observed In the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 379-380.
J. A. Allen.
Collins's Notes on the Sea Birds of the Fishing Banks. 380-381.
J. A. Allen.
Stejneger on Trinomials In American Ornithology. 381-382.
J. A. Allen.
Baird, Brewer, and Ridgway's Water Birds of North America. 382-386.
J. A. Allen.
Coues and Prentiss's Avifauna Columbiana. 386.
J. A. Allen.
Ridgway on Rare Neotropical Birds. 386-387.
J. A. Allen.
Ridgway on the Pied Wagtails of Eastern Asia. 387.
J. A. Allen.
Lawrence on New Species of American Birds. 387.
J. A. Allen.
Jouy on Birds Collected In Japan. 387.
J. A. Allen.
Publications Received. 387-389.

General Notes

Another Kirtland's Warbler From Michigan. 389.
Robert Ridgway.
Geothlypis Trichas Wintering In Eastern Massachusetts. 389.
F. C. Browne.
The Yellow-Breasted Chat and Summer Redbird In Canada. 389-390.
Thomas Mcilwraith.
Breeding of Passerculus Princeps on Sable Island. 390.
C. Hart Merriam.
The Cardinal Grosbeak Breeding In Brooklyn, N. Y.. 390.
E. T. Adney.
The Orchard Oriole (Icterus Spurius) In Western Vermont. 390.
F. H. Knowlton.
The Crow (Corvus Frugivorus) As a Fisherman. 391.
Montague Chamberlain.
Odd Nesting-Site of a Great-Crested Flycatcher. 391.
Frank R. Welsh.
Duck Hawks Breeding In the Helderberg Mountains, New York. 391.
G. A. Lintner.
Hybrid Between Pedi[Oe]Cetes Phasianellus and Cupidonia Cupido. 391-392.
J. H. Gurney.
Notes on Lagopus Leucurus. 392-393.
Frank M. Drew.
Eskimo Curlew At San Diego, Cal.. 393.
Godfrey Holterhoff.
Nesting of the Little Black Rail In Connecticut. 393-394.
John N. Clark.
The Widgeon In Maine In February. 394-395.
Nathan Clifford Brown.
Pelicans on the Move. 395.
T. Mcilwraith.
Capture of Megalestris Skua Off the Coast of Cape Cod, Mass.. 395-396.
N. S. Goss.
Brachyrhamphus Hypoleucus Off the Coast of Southern California. 396.
N. S. Goss.
'Avifauna Columbiana'--A Protest. 396-398.
L. M. Mccormick.
Notes on Certain Birds Observed on a Voyage From Liverpool To Quebec In September, 1883. 398-399.
C. J. Young.


The Generic Name Troglodytes. 400.
Strickland As an Advocate of 'Linn[Ae]Us At '58.'. 400.
Indian Bird Names. 400-402.
A New Element In Diagnosis. 402-403.
Notes and News. 403-404.
Index To Volume I. 405-419.
Errata. 419.
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