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The Auk, Volume 1, Number 1 (1884)



Descriptions of Several New Birds from Santo Domingo. 1-5.
Charles B. Cory
Notes on the Summer Birds of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. 5-16.
William Brewster
Description of the First Plumage of Clarke's Crow. 16-17.
Charles F. Batchelder
Notes on the Breeding Habits of the American Eared Grebe (Dytes Nigricollis Californicus). 18-20.
N. S. Goss
Birds of the Lower Uruguay. 20-30.
Walter B. Barrows
Birds Notes From Long Island, N.Y. 31-35.
William Dutcher
Dendrocopos Purus, a New Species of Woodpecker From Kamtschatka. 35-36.
Leonhard Stejneger
The Coues Lexicon of North American Birds. 36-49.
Augustus C. Merriam
Ornithophilologicalities. 49-58.
Professor Elliott Coues
Third Addendum to the Preliminary List of Birds Ascertained to Occur in the Adirondack Region, Northeastern New York. 58-59.
C. Hart Merriam
A Study of the Singing of Our Birds. 60-71.
Eugene P. Bicknell
Bird Migration. 71-76.
C. Hart Merriam

Recent Literature

Nelson's Birds of Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean. 76-81.
E. C.
Cory's Beautiful and Curious Birds. 81.
W. B.
Stejneger and Ridgway on Birds of the Commander Islands. 81-82.
J. A. Allen
Ridgway on New Species of American Birds. 83.
J. A. Allen
Ridgway on the Genus Tantalus. 83.
J. A. Allen
Belding on Birds of Lower California. 83-84.
J. A. Allen
Ridgway and Nutting on Costa Rican Birds. 84.
J. A. Allen
Brewster on the "Birds and Feathered Fowles" of Morton's 'New English Canaan'. 84.
J. A. Allen
Gill's Record of Ornithological Progress in 1881. 84.
J. A. Allen
Birds of Western Ontario. 85.
J. A. Allen
Minor Ornithological Publications. 85-89.
Publications Received. 89.

General Notes

Abnormal Coloration in a Caged Robin. 90.
W. B. Barrows
Nest and Eggs of the Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (Regulus Calendula). 90-91.
Montague Chamberlain
Thryothorus Ludovicianus in Massachusetts. 91.
C. B. Cory
Another Example of Helminthophaga Leucobronchialis From Connecticut. 91.
Jno. H. Sage
Nest and Eggs of Myiadestes Townsendi. 91-92.
W. E. Bryant
Prehensile Feet of the Crow (Corvus Frugivorus). 92.
Montague Chamberlain
Do Crows Carry Objects in Their Claws? 92-93.
J. Walter Fewkes
Recent Occurrence of the Black-Backed Three-Toed Woodpecker in Massachusetts. 93.
William Brewster
A Woodpecker Destroying Cocoons. 93.
Montague Chamberlain
Nest and Eggs of Couch's Tyrant Flycatcher (T. Melancholicus Couchi). 93.
Geo. B. Sennett
The Nest of the Saw-Whet Owl. 94.
F. H. Carpenter
Another Gyrfalcon in Rhode Island. 94.
Fred. T. Jencks
Breeding Habits of the Everglade Kite. 95.
H. B. Bailey
Nesting of the Broad-Winged Hawk (Buteo Pennsylvanicus). 95-96.
James W. Banks
Note on Zenaidura Yucatanensis Lawr. 96.
Robert Ridgway
Bernicla Brenta Nigricans in Massachusetts. 96.
C. B. Cory
Night Herons and Rails in Dakota. 96-97.
D. H. Talbot
Occurrence of the Royal Tern (Sterna Regia Gamb.) at Tangiers in Morocco. 97.
John J. Dalgleish
Buffon's Skua in Western Vermont. 97-98.
Charles F. Batchelder
A Newly-Discovered Breeding Place of Leach's Petrel (Cymochorea Leucorrhoa (Vieill.) Coues) in Scotland. 98.
John J. Dalgleish
Black-Throated Auk (Synthliborhamphus Antiquus) in Wisconsin. 98-100.
Geo. B. Sennett
Birds New to the Fauna of Kansas, and Others Rare in the State, Captured at Wallace, Oct. 12 to 16 1883. 100.
N. S. Goss


Are Trinomials Necessary? 101-104.

Notes and News

Notes and News. 105-108.

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