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The Condor, Volume 102, Number 4 (2000)

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Nine Years After the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: Effects on Marine Bird Populations in Prince William Sound, Alaska. 723- 737.
David B. Irons, Steven J. Kendall, Wallace P. Erickson, Lyman L. Mcdonald, Brian K. Lance.
Breeding and Post-Breeding Habitat Use By Forest Migrant Songbirds in the Missouri Ozarks. 738-747.
Rich W. Pagen, Frank R. Thompson Iii, Dirk E. Burhans.
Breeding Bird Abundance in Bottomland Harwood Forests: Habitat, Edge, and Patch Size Effects. 748-758.
Re Sallabanks, Jeffrey R. Walters, Jaime A. Collazo.
Breeding Bird Communities in Boreal Forest of Western Canada: Consequences of Unmixing" the Mixedwoods". 759-769.
Keith A. Hobson, Erin Bayne.
Allozymic Genetic Structure and Natural Habitat Fragmentation: Date for Five Species of Amazonian Forest Birds. 770- 783.
John M. Bates.
Antbird Guilds in the Lowland Caribbean Rainforest of Southeast Nicaragua. 784-794.
Martin L. Cody.
Characteristics of Foraging Habitats and Chick Food Provisioning By Tropical Roseate Terns. 795-803.
Jaime A. Ramos.
Contrasting Strategies of Provisioning and Chick Growth in Two Sympatrically Breeding Albatrosses at Campbell Island, New Zealand. 804-813.
Susan M. Waugh, Henri Weimerskirch, Ayes Cherel, Peter A. Prince.
Reproductive Success of American Kestrels: the Role of Prey Abundance and Weather. 814-822.
Russell D. Dawson, Gary R. Bortolotti.
Nesting Habitat and Reproductive Success of Southwestern Riparian Birds. 823-831.
Brian F. Powell, Robert J. Steidl.
Pair Formation and Copulation Behavior in Least Flycatcher Clusters. 832-837.
Scott A. Tarof, Laurence M. Ratcliffe.
Artificial Nest Predation and Abundance of Birds Along an Urban Gradient. 838-847.
Jukka Jokimaki, Esa Huhta.
Patterns of Flock Size, Diet, and Vigilance of Naturalized Monk Parakeets in Hyde Park, Chicago. 848-854.
Jason M. South, Stephen Pruett-Jones.
Do Band-Tailed Pigeons Seek a Calcium Supplement at Mineral Sites. 855-863.
Tood A. Sanders, Robert L. Jarvis.
A Molecular Phylogeny of the Dove Genus Zenaida: Mitochondrial and Nuclear Dna Sequences. 864-870.
Kevin P. Johnson, Dale H. Clayton.
Mitochondrial Dna and Morphological Variation of White-Winged Doves in Texas. 871-880.
Christin L. Pruett, Scott E. Henke, Susan M. Tanksley, Michael F. Small, Kelly M. Hogan, Jay Roberson.
Species Limits and Recent Population History in the Curve-Billed Thrasher. 881-886.
Robert M. Zink, Rachelle C. Blackwell-Rago.
A Comparison of Point Counts and Sound Recording as Bird Survey Methods in Amazonian Southeast Peru. 887-893.
John Haselmayer, James S. Quinn.
Definitive Prebasic Molt of Gray Catbirds at Two Sites in New England. 894-904.
Colleen Dwyer Heise, Christopher C. Rimmer.

Short Communications

Cultural Diversification in the Flight Call of the Ringneck Parrot in Western Australia. 905-910.
Myron C. Baker.
Pacific Coast and Southwest Interior Populations of the Hutton's Vireo Differ in Basic Song Parameters. 911-914.
Colette T. Baril, Jon C. Barlow.
Comparison of Coastal Fringe and Interior Forests as Reserves for Marbled Murrelets on Vancouver Island. 915-920.
Alan E. Burger, Volker Bahn, Angeline R. M. Tillmanns.
Correlates of Harlequin Duck Densities During Winter in Prince William Sound, Alaska. 920-926.
Daniel Esler, Timothy D. Bowman, Thomas A. Dean, Charles E. O'Clair, Stephen C. Jewett, Lyman L. Mcdonald.
Influence of Female Age and Body Mass on Brood and Duckling Survival, Number of Surviving Ducklings, and Brood Movements in Redheads. 926-929.
Tina Yerkes.
Effects of Hatching Date and Egg Size on Growth, Recruitment, and Adult Size of Lesser Scaup. 930-935.
Russell D. Dawson, Robert G. Clark.
Effects of Water Conditions on Clutch Size, Egg Volume, and Hatchling Mass of Mallards and Gadwalls in the Prairie Pothole Region. 936-940.
Pamela J. Pietz, Gary L. Krapu, Deporah A. Buhl, David A. Brandt.
Reproductive Success and Survival in Relation to Experience During the First Two Years in Canada Geese. 941-945.
Dennis G. Raveling, James S. Sedinger, Devin S. Johnson.
Impact of Brood Parasitism on Nest Survival Parameters and Seasonal Fecundity of Six Songbird Species in Southeastern Old-Field Habitat. 946-950.
Maria A. Whitehead, Sara H. Schwettzer, William Post.
Roost Site Selection of Great Horned Owls in Relation to Black Fly Activity: An Anti-Parasite Behavior?. 950- 955.
Christoph Rohner, Charles J. Krebs, D. Bruce Hunter, Douglas C. Currie.
Observations of the Pale-Eyed Blackbird in Southeastern Peru. 956-958.
Gordon H. Orians, Elizabeth N. Orians.
Sociality and Foraging Behavior of the Cerulean Warbler in Venezuelan Shade-Coffee Plantations. 958-962.
Jason Jones, Paolo Ramoni Perazzi, Erin H. Carruthers, Raleigh J. Robertson.
Book Reviews. 963-964.
News and Notes. 965-968.
Award Announcements. 969.
Reviewers for Volume 102. 970-971.
Index to Volume 102. 972-985.

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